How to Use a Speed Cube

How to Use a Speed Cube

A Speed Cube has a minimum friction between the layers, which greatly reduces resistance. This results in fast turning and is accompanied by a dry, distinct sound. However, despite its advantages, this also limits control, which makes it uncontrollable for beginners. You'll probably want to be very careful when using a Speed Cube. Here are some tips:

MoYu RS3M 2020

The MoYu RS3M 2020 is an economy magnetic 3x3 speed cube from the popular cube brand. It replaces the mains in many pro speedcubers, and features a completely reworked mechanism, a new color scheme, and factory installed magnets. It also comes with MoYu's legendary dual adjustment system. Its high quality construction makes it one of the best cubes for the money.

The MagLev technology used in the cube produces tension and compression. The RS3M and 2020 share many benefits, such as reverse corner cutting and stickerless plastic. However, the magnets do add a few grams to the weight, making it slightly heavier than its predecessor. So, you can expect the cube to be a little heavier than the previous edition. But it's worth it for the improvements it brings.

The MoYu RS3M 2020 is an economy magnetic 3x3 speed cube, which is being pushed by the brand into the pro ranks. The cube is fast, corners well, and comes with factory installed magnets. With a low price of $9.99, it's an obvious choice for beginners. It's also available in black. If you're looking for a speed cube, you may want to consider a bundle. Buying them separately can cost you tens to thirty percent more than the bundle.

Rubik's Connected

Using Bluetooth technology, Rubik's Connected cube can connect to your mobile device and play games via the app. The app allows you to learn how to solve the puzzle, play mini games and improve your skills, and even compete with other cubers around the world! There are even virtual challenges you can play to improve your game and earn badges. But what's so great about Rubik's Connected cube?

The concept behind Rubik's Connected is similar to that of GoCube, an app-connected Rubik's cube. But the Connected cube has some key differences that make it a better choice for cube enthusiasts. In addition to using the same platform as the GoCube, the Connected cube is connected to your mobile device via Bluetooth. You can download the app to follow the cube's movement in real time.

In addition to having Bluetooth support, the Connected version of the Rubik's cube has an app to track your progress and save your scores. It can be used offline or with the app, depending on your preference. The Connected version is smaller and lighter than the standard Rubik's Cube, and even has a battery inside. It weighs under four ounces.

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