How To Use Jockie Music Bot Discord | Jockie Bot Commands!

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How To Use Jockie Music Bot Discord | Jockie Bot Commands!

Discord is an established social media platform that allows communication with users across the globe. Discord servers are utilized to talk, exchange ideas and thoughts and play games, engage in stimulating discussions, and do many different things. In addition, various bots designed for organizations, for example, automatically writing welcome messages whenever a new user joins, joking around, and assigning tasks, can be added to the server as members.


"Jackie bot" is one of the most popular Discord bots that allows users to listen to music when playing games or talking with friends. You can play music while using Discord due to the Jockie bot. This bot plays music for you via Discord by connecting to it through various other sources. In this blog, we will show you how to set up Jockie, the Jockie music bot on Discord.

How can you install Jockie Music Bot on your server?

You can connect this Jockie bot to your server using the invitation link by clicking Invite. To properly add and set up the Jockie Bot follow the steps below.



STEP 1: Click on the Above Invite Button. Additionally, you could visit their official site at Jockie Music Bot. You can either search for "Jockie Music Bot" on google or you can go directly to their official website which is -


STEP 2: When you're on the official website of Jockie Music Bot, scroll down below where you will find "Remember the times when you had.." further below, click on "Yes I do" or "No I don't" all of which will lead you to the invite link.

There are Four different Jockie Bots. This means that you will have 4 different Jockie Bots on your server at any given time for no cost. They've been color-coded and assigned an ID from 4 to be easy to distinguish between them. Choose the color you like by clicking on the respective 'Invite' button.


Step 3: Once you click "Invite", then it will prompt you to join your discord account. After you've signed in or you are already signed in to the discord then you will have to select the server you wish to join the Jockie Music Bot.


Step 4: Once you've chosen the server that you'd like to connect to Jockie Music Bot, Jockie Music Bot then it will ask you for permission access. It will be automatically granted administrator access. However, you can disable administrator access in case you don't want it to have full permission to access your server. Then select the Authorize button.


It appears that the Jockie Music Bot is added successfully to your discord server! It will be possible to look for the Jockie Music Bot logo on the right sidebar.

How To Play Music In Discord Bot - (Jockie Music Bot Commands)

The Jockie music bot is now integrated into your Discord server to play music. Make sure to connect the channel for voice on your server after the fact. You'll then need to give commands to Discord to play, pause, or stop music based on the music bot you've created.

Now that the Jockie Music bot has been added to Discord Here's the way to make use of it:

  1. In the 'Voice Channels' section select the title of the voice channel you wish to join.


  1. In the lower-left edge of the screen, you will see the confirmation message 'Voice connected'


  1. Then, you will need to enter the commands for the bot. Here are the basic commands:
    • M! play - Play tracks via hyperlink or by searching
    • m! skip - Skip the track that is currently playing
    • m! quit - Leave on the voice channel to the bot
    • m! pause - Stop the track


  1. Let's say, you want for the song to be played, say the Shape of your' track, you just have to type the correct command for it to play. Jockie Music bot within your text channels i.e. m! play Shape of You, then hit enter. Jackie Music will search for the track and begin playing it.


  1. Similarly, you can try giving different commands to the bot and see how it reacts. You can even give an additional command at the same time and it will respond to all the commands, one at a time.

How To Remove Jockie Music Bot From Discord

Because the process of eliminating a bot from the Discord server is similar for every bot, you can expect the process to be the same for Jockie Music Bot as well. All you have to do is search for Jockie Music Bot within the member's section of your server, right-click it, then choose the option to kick Joskie Music. If you want to permanently remove the bot and block it from being added to the server in the future, just click Ban Jockie Music.


To create the Jockie Music bot using Discord, first, visit its official website. Add any of the four variations of the Jockie bot by clicking on the "Invite" button. Select the server to that you wish to add the Jockie music bot. After that, grant essential rights to the Jockie music bot by pressing the "Authorize" button. In the blog below, we've illustrated how to set up a Jockie music robot on the Discord server.


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