How to use serums for eyelash growth

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31 October 2022

If you weren't blessed with enchanted long eyelashes, you know that even the thickest, most volumizing mascaras may occasionally leave your lashes sad and short. 


And if you've previously tried all the long-lash options (e.g., eyelash extensions, lash lifts, falsies, etc.), you may be ready to go to the true "core" of the problem and figure out how to grow your lashes, as opposed to simply faking the length.


That is why I am here, or maybe Careprost. We will talk more about Careprost later in the article.


Because there is a whole universe of serums and conditioners that can moisturize, improve, and even lengthen your eyelashes, you simply need to know which chemicals work (remember, we're talking about your freaking eyeballs). 


And to aid you, I outline everything you need to know about growing your eyelashes properly (including what you should avoid).


What activates lash growth?

Before we get into the specifics of obtaining extra-long eyelashes, let's review the fundamentals you likely never learned, okay? 


The development cycle of your eyelashes consists of three phases: catagen, telogen, and anagen. 


During catagen, your eyelashes are dormant, and shedding occurs naturally (the growth phase, where they, you know, grow).


Given that your eyelashes spend much of their time hanging out or falling out, it is reasonable that growing them out might take a moment. Doctors estimate that average eyelash growth might take up to three months.


Because I know you're impatient and want your eyelashes to grow overnight, I'm pleased to inform you that there is a solution to lengthen the growth period.

Natural ways to grow your lashes

Several natural compounds (e.g., castor oil, vitamin E, and coconut oil) moisturize and maintain your lashes, but they will not technically cause them to grow. 


Lash conditioners may help strengthen lashes, keep them from breaking, or slightly expand them to make them appear a bit fuller, but they do not cause lashes to grow longer.


So what about all those home cures that include coconut, castor, and olive oils? 


Expect no miracles in eyelash growth; at best, you'll see an increase in gloss and strength. 


However, there is no harm in including natural conditioners and oils in your lash routine. They may not expand your eyelashes, but they can assist build a strong and healthy base that promotes eyelash development overall.

Best eyelash growth serum for fuller lashes

Medication is the only option with a proven track record for natural eyelash development.


Bimatoprost is the sole substance permitted for extending and thickening eyelashes by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


Bimatoprost is the active component in serums such as Careprost.


Your doctor may prescribe Careprost, administered to the upper eyelid lash line regularly (not the lower eyelid).


Daily use for at least two months offers the best results.


Once you apply Careprost, you must use it regularly to maintain its effects.


If not, your eyelashes will return to their previous condition.


Are eyelash serums safe?

Eyelashes that are full and thick have been a part of the beauty business for centuries.


In response to rising demand, the business introduced serums for longer eyelashes.


Cosmetic medication manufacturers began producing Bimatoprost-containing serums.


Careprost and Latisse are popular eyelash serums.


These serums have demonstrated efficacy. They do, however, have modest side effects.


Before incorporating lash serums into your routine, you must see a physician.

101 Tips for the development of natural eyelashes


Take off makeup before bed

Mascara that accumulates in the lash hair follicle can cause hair loss.


Therefore, removing mascara with micellar washing water is advisable before sleeping.


Choose an oil-based cleaner if the mascara is excessively robust.


Remember to be careful with the eyelashes. You can then apply serums like Careprost just before bed.


Even lashes require combing!

It aids in maintaining order and cleanliness, which may assist prevent unneeded harm.


Using a spoolie to comb your eyelashes before night might aid in their maintenance.


No trimming or plucking!

There is a fallacy that trimming your eyelashes can cause them to regrow bigger and healthier.


Please, however, keep the scissors away from your eyes!


Do not adjust your falsies

Using micellar water or a cosmetic remover, remove artificial eyelashes carefully.


For semi-permanent eyelash extensions, you should only hire a qualified, experienced professional.


Removing false eyelashes might harm the hair follicle and inhibit natural eyelash development.


Layers may be difficult on the lashes.


This may disappoint loudness lash enthusiasts.


Typically, volume lashes consist of many layers of lashes adhered together.


It enhances the appearance and creates a dramatic impression.


However, the weight can tax the eyelashes and may lead to their thinning.


The conclusion

We all adore thick, fluffy eyelashes.


They enhance your overall appearance and raise your confidence.


To prevent eyelash loss, limit the use of eyelash curlers, extensions, and inexpensive cosmetics on your eyelashes or lids.


Serums like Careprost can be an effective way to get long eyelashes on the advice of a doctor.

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