How to Use YouTube to Grow Your Blog Traffic

How to Use YouTube to Grow Your Blog Traffic

As a blogger, you understand the importance of having a steady stream of traffic to your website. Yet, you need to go outside your blog if you want to increase your audience and draw more relevant readers to it. Growing a YouTube channel for your blog can be a powerful way to increase your visibility and attract more targeted traffic to your site.

While it may seem like a daunting task, growing a YouTube channel can be a cost-effective and efficient way to promote your blog. However, simply creating videos and uploading them to YouTube won't guarantee that your content will reach your target audience. It takes a bit of strategy and effort to ensure that your videos are discovered by the right people.

In this article, we'll explore some straightforward and effective techniques for using YouTube to drive organic traffic to your blog.

How to Promote Your Blog on YouTube

YouTube is a digital publishing platform rather than a specific marketing tool. This implies that in order to increase your visibility on YouTube, you have to produce material for publishing. So, here are some useful tips for your YouTube content creation that can help boost your blog's traffic and attract a wider audience.


Since advertising your blog on YouTube starts with branding, let's head off from there. Make sure your viewers can quickly recognize you and your channel before you upload your blog to YouTube.


From a visual standpoint, everyone who is familiar with your blog or website should be able to recognize you on YouTube quickly. Branding is the best approach to guaranteeing this takes place.

You don't have to make things too complicated. You can easily translate your blog's distinctive identity, including its design, tone and more over to your YouTube channel.

Create a content strategy for YouTube

You'll need to start from scratch if you still need any existing blog posts to use. When it comes to using YouTube, bloggers have a significant advantage. While most YouTubers and content producers will always need to come up with new ideas for content, as a blogger, you will already have a library of content ideas at your disposal.

Your title and succinct description should come first. The title is obviously crucial for capturing viewers' attention, but it can also enhance your search engine rankings and should undoubtedly increase traffic to your channel.

Use an SEO keyword generator to find ideas, research your niche to determine which terms rivals use in their videos, and build keyword-rich video titles to rank for that keyword in YouTube search.The initial term you use should be pertinent, like a keyword, and you should continue by using the content of the film to develop a keyword phrase.

While your title should be brief and to the point, you can be more descriptive in the video description. Include a short summary of the video's content, a link to the video, and a keyword phrase in the description.

Optimize your YouTube profile for Google

You should optimize your YouTube video page for natural Google search for one compelling reason — getting a YouTube-hosted video to appear in Google's organic search results is relatively simple.

Rankings on YouTube might be a mystery. Signals used to determine YouTube ranking are never identifiable. Also, it is highly customized (you will be recommended totally unrelated videos based on your viewing history and preferences). In the meantime, Google's ranks continue to be very consistent. And YouTube requires the least amount of effort:

  • Identify the needed keywords.

  • Optimize your Youtube video page.

  • Have a direct link to your video and account.

Track your progress

For sure, you want to know which of your methods succeeded and which did not, so this stage is crucial. There is no other way to develop your own distinctive style and plan than by closely monitoring your stats. Of course, if you are just starting out, you will have to wait a few months before looking at your analytical data.

Once you have the data, you can see your engagement, watch time, and average view duration. Analyze the comprehensive data and focus on your best-performing videos. Use this knowledge to inspire more inventive concepts for video content that will increase viewership and interaction.

Use cross-channel promotion

Cross-channel marketing can be a very successful strategy for directing people to the desired location, in this case, your YouTube channel. You might write blog entries about topics associated with your YouTube channel and provide embed codes and links to your videos there. Even your social media channels may be used to promote the blog entries. You will be able to find followers from various channels with this.


It takes effort to increase your YouTube audience. And sure, it might be difficult to run your channel and maintain your blog. But collaborating with marketing tools might make your blogging journey easier.

That is precisely why having a choice of advertising strategies on hand pays off. Even though some of the suggestions above require more work than others, they all have the potential to increase the number of viewers and subscribers you have.

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