How To Utilise the Canon IJ Network Tool

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13 October 2022

The Canon Ij Network Tool is used to change the network on which the Canon printer is connected. If you want to verify your Canon printer's connectivity with other devices, you may use the Network utility tool to find out where its connection is configured. Additionally, if your printer has been reset, the network utility tools can connect it to new or different devices.

To find a new network or restart a Canon printer, utilise the Network Utility application. The network utility tool is also known as your printer's network modifier. The network utility tool, which may be a driver or software, needs to be installed before you can open the Canon printer's box and set up its WiFi and LAN networks. For the LAN connection, you must buy a LAN network router. The following provides more information on setting up and using the network utility tool;

What is the actual use or application of the IJ Network tool?

The Network Utility Tool of Canon is the gadget that is built within the printer or the device that you are using to connect the Canon printer to. The Canon Network utility or IJ network tool creates a connection between the Canon printer and other devices when a new printer is set up. It's possible that the Canon printer is in use while it's reset. The utility cannot be accessed from the base and must be installed from the main website or the official Canon website.

Currently, Canon printers support wifi. So, in order to connect them to other devices, one requires a LAN WiFi network router. The next step will therefore require the network utility tool Canon. If these two conditions are not satisfied, it is impossible to connect up the printer wirelessly with other devices like a PC, laptop, or Mac. If the Canon printer has been reset or is brand-new, the tool's function is to connect it to a new network.

You ought to while utilising the IJ Network Utility Tool.

Before or while using the IJ Network utility tool, there are a few things to bear in mind. Here are some tips for utilising the Canon Network tool:

  • You must not do any print operations when using the IJ Network utility.
  • Take a break from printing or stop printing altogether, then utilise the network utility tool.
  • One must bear in mind that before utilising the network utility application, they must first connect the Canon printer to the WiFi LAN network.
  • If there is a problem with the LAN connection, the user must check the LAN WiFi cable and any cuts on the wire.
  • If there are any cuts in the WiFi cable, fix them before utilising the connection.
  • The next step is for you to allow access or permission so that the tool may utilise the secure software after your device's security programme delivers a warning.
  • The user has the option to modify the account after the printer is connected. When switching accounts, the user must quit the programme in order to change the account.

How can I obtain the IJ Network Utility tool's software?

The IJ network software or application is not supported by the device. It has to be downloaded from the Canon website. These steps can be used to get the IJ Network UtilityTool;

  • Now access the browser on your device.
  • Enter the company's official website,, into the browser.
  • Now, the help page will open.
  • There is a download option available. Simply click it.
  • Now the download will begin.
  • The Setup download will be located in your device's Downloads folder.
  • The IJ Network utility has now fully downloaded.

How can I set up the IJ Network Utility Tool's software?

Following download, the IJ network tool's driver or programme must be launched or installed on Windows or Mac systems. Follow the instructions below to install or run the IJ Network Utility driver or software for Windows and Mac;

  • Go to the Downloads area of the device or browser now.
  • There you may find the driver or software setup.
  • Double-click the Setup.
  • If you use Windows, open the app.
  • Enter your Mac's ID and password if you use a Mac.
  • then launch and install the software or driver for the Canon Network utility programme.
  • Follow the remaining steps that are shown on the screen to continue with the installation.
  • That concludes the installation of the IJ Network Utility tool.

Configuration procedures for the IJ Network Tool

You may setup the IJ network utility tool by following the steps shown below.

  • Check the LAN connection first.
  • Change the router next.
  • The printer may then be connected to the device using a wired connection.
  • At this point, launch the IJ Network tool on the device.
  • After then, the search for a link will start.
  • Choose Setup from the menu now.
  • then click OK to confirm.
  • On the following screen, select both the OK option and the Canon USB type.
  • The utility tool configuration for the IJ Network is now finished and successful.

ij network tool Setup

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