How To View Liked Reels On Instagram

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How To View Liked Reels On Instagram

Instagram is a new social network for Internet users where they can post stories, photos, and videos, and watch content from all over the world. The greatest benefit of this app is that it offers security for privacy to Instagram users, by offering an option for a private profile. When it comes to entertainment, Instagram is quite an engaging app. With the addition of new feature reels, it's become even more popular amongst its users. Anyone of any age can create reels and play them for hours.

If you are also a reel lover and would like to know how to view liked reels on Instagram then you've found the right website. In our guide today, we will discuss all common doubts raised about setting up advanced functions on Instagram and much more. Additionally, you'll get to know how to check your likes on Instagram and also why you can't look up posts that you liked on Instagram. So, without further delay let's begin by reading our comprehensive guide to Instagram and its features.

What are Reels on Instagram?

Reels are an Instagram feature that has quickly gained interest and popularity among teenagers across the world. Also, people of all age groups use this feature to advertise their businesses or to boost their Instagram accounts. This addictive feature involves full-screen vertical videos that are created 90 minutes in length and be edited with tools on the platform itself. You can even make 15-second reels, and then add music to them before sharing them on your Instagram profile. Overall, it is a super engaging and immersive video feature on Instagram.

How To Find Your Liked Reels on Instagram?

The act of liking posts is a good method to show you enjoy and support the post's content. Like a post is an additional way to save the post because you'll be able to access it later to see what articles you've enjoyed.

Here's how to view your most liked reels on Instagram:


  1. Open Instagram. Open the Instagram app from your mobile device.
  2. Tap the profile icon that is located in the upper right corner.
  3. Click on the hamburger menu in the top right corner.
  4. Choose"Your activity" from the "Your activity" option.
  5. Tap on"Interactions" and then tap on the "Interactions" option.
  6. Select"Likes. "Likes" option.

You'll find all of your favorite content here. Unfortunately, there is no way to separate reels from posts.

However, the videos are identified by a little video camera icon which is visible in its image.

How To Use the Saved Feature for Reels on Instagram?

Another method to ensure that you will be able to find your preferred content in the future is to add it to your saved collection. This is the best method to safeguard your favorite videos and content.

How To Save a Reel?

The first step in using the "saved feature" is to store the reel. The steps are as follows:

  1. Open Instagram on your mobile device.
  2. Tap on the reels icon at the bottom.
  3. Find a reel you want to save.
  4. Tap the three dots to the right.
  5. Select"Save" from the "Save" option.

How To Find Saved Reels?

Let's look at where you can find your saved reels:

  1. Start the Instagram app using your mobile device.
  2. Touch the icon for a profile at the lower right corner.
  3. Tap the hamburger menu icon at the upper right corner.
  4. Choose"Saved. "Saved" option.
  5. Click the button "All Posts" or choose an album if you've created one.
  6. Select the reels tab in order to browse all your saved reels.

Is there any Anyway To Download All of Your Favorite Reels?

Once you've located the Reel you're seeking, you might be wondering - is there a way to download the Reel onto the camera roll of your phone, or to save all of your Reels completely?

Unfortunately, downloading capabilities aren't a part of Instagram's app, like it is in TikTok for instance. While there are options to save the videos it is a matter of finding a solution.

The easiest way to save one video is to utilize the built-in screen recording function. This will create a video of your screen. Then you can access the Reel you're looking for and record it this way.

If you'd prefer just the raw video file, without making screen recordings There is third-party software to do this for you, on both iPhone and Android.

You can simply type "Instagram Downloader" into the app store on your phone to find a few examples. A few you might like to test include InstDown as well as never.

Final Words

This was all concerned with how to view liked reels on Instagram so that you can track down your top reels altogether.


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