How To Wave On Instagram Live?

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How To Wave On Instagram Live?

Instagram has proven to be not only a social media platform but it is also a way to stay in touch with loved ones. Having said that, Instagram live videos always get my attention. Interestingly, you can even look back at past Instagram live videos there. 

However, the enjoyment can't be complete without a wave. So, let's discover how to wave on Instagram live! When it comes down to real-time Instagram videos of prominent people, it's hard to stop ourselves from waving. It's because it's an expression to greet people. But if you're unable to do this when watching live video Here's a step-by-step guide for those of you who are unsure of how to wave on Instagram live.

What Does Waving Mean on Instagram Live?

When you live stream on Instagram you've probably asked yourself what waving means on Instagram. This feature lets you welcome your followers as well as answer questions from your audience in real-time. If you make a wave on Instagram the previous post will be replaced with the new one. If you are a fan on Facebook the videos will show the same effects. The goal of Instagram's live video is to get the attention of viewers and encourage question-and-answer sessions.

You can also make a wave on Instagram live if you wish to invite someone else to participate in your live streaming. Simply swipe the photo with a wave on it and double-tap it to activate the waving animation. You can also swipe up a photo to make viewers see your live stream. When you're inviting someone to join your live stream, or seeking their help to help, you may also swipe on Instagram.

How To Wave At Someone On Instagram Live

First, we'll show you how you can smile at someone on Instagram live when they join your Livestream.


In this particular instance, you're on Instagram. Follow the next set of steps if you want to reply or send a message to someone who is a streamer.

1. Go live on Instagram

First, you have to be live on Instagram.

Go to your Instagram homepage to look through your feed.

After that, swipe your finger across until you are then on Instagram. Instagram camera.

Then, at the bottom of the screen, you must tap "Live" from the carousel of options.

You can set a title for your screen if that's what you'd like.

If you're ready for the start of your new life, press the shutter button at the bottom of the screen in the middle.

Then, you have to keep watching for people to come to your live broadcast before you show them a wave.

2. The viewer should wave to you.

Once a viewer joins your Instagram live feed, you'll receive an email in the chat saying a participant "joined".

On the right side, you'll see an option to "Wave" with the waving emoji.

You need to tap on "Wave" and this will send waves to the viewers. You can wave to every person who comes into your life.

After you have waved to the person you want to join the viewer, there will be an announcement below the join notification that reads "You waved at" and then it will say the name of the person to who you waved.

How to Wave Back at Someone on Instagram Live?

You are able to wave back at someone on Instagram live! You can utilize the hand gesture icon to send a wave to Instagram users. You could also get notifications from your connections whenever you broadcast live on Instagram.

The most amazing thing is the ability to communicate with your viewers when you watch the live videos!

1. Participate in an Instagram Live

  • You have to first become a member of the Instagram live stream.
  • In the stories section located at the top of the homepage, you can find the persons you are following and who are online at the moment.
  • When you join the Livestream, you can use the wave feature right away or sit tight for the host or broadcaster to do so first.

2. Wave back to the streamer

  • You must click to"Comment" and then click on the "Comment" box to wave. After that, the keypad will be displayed which allows you to write comments.
  • But, you must hit the emoji keypad in the left bottom corner to shake.
  • You could either scroll down until you spot the floating emoji on the Emojis keyboard, or use the searching bar to look up "wave" once you are there.
  • The emoticon with the waving motion will be added to your comment once you touch it.
  • Your comment will be delivered and posted when you touch "Post" on the right side of the screen.
  • When you're watching live You can also wave or wave in response in this manner.

How Can You Invite Someone to Join Your Live?

Follow the below steps to invite someone to your life:

  1. When you are living on Instagram Tap on the people icon from the bottom. This is shown below.
  2. Search for the desired profile you'd like to invite and tap on Invite.

The invite will be sent to your Instagram profile. The profile will be able to accept the invite and join the Live session. Check out this article from the beginning to learn how to greet people using Instagram Live.

Final Words

You've learned lots of information about how to wave on Instagram live. Now, you just need to follow these steps on your smartphone. Keep visiting our posts on this topic to update your knowledge on different social media platforms.

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