How to write a good essay?

How to write a good essay?
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This is a question that often arises because, more and more often, teachers suggest writing an essay in the essay genre. Since this type has become very popular, we have prepared valuable instructions on making this work more effective.
Essay (from the French Essai - trial, test, drawings) - prose expression of small volume and original composition, expresses individual and personal feelings and thoughts about a particular issue or problem and does not claim to be an exhaustive answer.
Remember! By choosing the genre of the essay, you can allow yourself to be subjective, focus on the particular, and express intense speculation, leading to a minimum of evidence, but, on the other hand, it can be dangerous - it is apparent ease write as you please. But not the fact that your work will be original and exciting. Writing the essay can be hard in two situations: that's the first time you write an essay, or you're scared to start/have no time to start writing. In both cases, you can always find help: for example, provides professional assistance in academic writing. 
Still, if you choose to fight this battle alone - we've prepared some guidelines for you to ease the process. Before you turn to the genre, think and be convinced that you have something to say.
The style of the essay is distinguished as aphoristic, imaginative, and paradoxical.
This is characterized by a large number of means of artistic expression:
allegorical and proverbial images.
To convey a unique perception of the author is necessary:
to use all-likely associations;
draw parallels;
draw analogies.
All will be interesting if it is present:
unprecedented (paradoxical) conclusions;
uncomplicated twists and turns;
Interesting connections.
The language of the essay is a busy scribbling of polymictic words, issues, problems, use of wordy intonation, and vocabulary.
There are many techniques for writing a good essay. Here are some of them.
An effective beginning.
The beginning is a critical element of the work. The reader determines whether it is worth it to read your essay. There are several approaches to beginning an essay.
  1. Standard (the broadest). Necessary to answer the six questions: who, what, when, where, why, and how. These questions will enable the reader to understand what to expect.
  2. Unsettled can be anything, but the reader must be excited or shocked.
  3. Actionable - the process itself is depicted, and the causes and consequences come out later. This approach is helpful for short periods.
  4. Authoritarian - offers information in an admonitory tone to create an impression of the author's confidence only in himself.
  5. Informative - the reader immediately receives information about what will happen next in the creation.
  6. Quotative - a well-chosen quotation immediately commits the reader's attention (it is not recommended to use a sentence or cliché - it's trivial).
  7. Dialogical - on the one hand, this beginning stimulates the reader as a participant in the dialogue. On the other hand, it can be a simple flow of thoughts with rhetorical questions.
The chronology is
Sequentiality of events (but do not get hung up on the hour ~ it can get tedious). Just remember the hour. Do not try to describe everything that happened during a specific period.
A narrative is an action or story that lasts until the end of the day and recounts the qualities, abilities, or knowledge associated with the theme of your day.
Description - the characteristic feature of this essay is a bright image of the work, which is confirmed by the rich language, and the intriguing details that keep the reader enthralled for a long time.
Comparison - mainly, this technique is used on the subject for which it is necessary to describe, for example, the experience or failure.
Final Components - the last paragraphs (paragraphs) should complete your thought and leave a vivid trace in the reader's memory.
In case you have found a mistake in the text, please send a message to the author by selecting the mistake and pressing Ctrl-Enter.
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