How Will You Control All The Devices At Your Home Using One Remote Control?

How Will You Control All The Devices At Your Home Using One Remote Control?
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In this modern and technological era, now almost everything is possible. Now everyone's life is so simple and humble with the help of technology-related stuff. Almost everything is possible. 

You may get arrogant at least once when you watch TV at your home. You are sitting on a chair and watching the TV. You have your TV remote control in your hand. suddenly, you are thinking to turn on your soundbar connected to the TV and enjoy favorite songs in a large sound box. But the soundbox's remote is on a shelf. You may be got thinking to have a remote control that has the capability to control both your soundbar as well as your TV.

There is such remote control is present in the market. You may or may not know it. It is called a universal remote control.

So, What is a universal remote?

A universal remote is a remote that has the ability to pair with multiple devices and control them. No matter what type and what brands of devices you are using. The remote can control all of them. What you needed is just want to pair the remote control with your device. It is also called programming. We'll do this in different methods based on the universal remote control.

Based on the features and functionalities, we can classify the universal remote into three types. They are

  • An ordinary universal remote
  • Smart
  • Advanced smart 

An ordinary but basic-level universal remote is nothing but it is a simple one. Just looks like the original TV remote control had all the separate buttons like number kets, menu, settings, volume, etc. It only costs less than 15$. There are some models above 15$ based on the brand quality.

Let me introduce a simple but a worth universal remote here. The remote control is from the most well-known home entertainment device manufacturer ByJasco. The remote name is GE aka General Electric. This remote can be compatible with different types of TVs, DVD players, streaming players, etc. 

Simply pair GE universal remote to your Samsung TV, Vizio, Sony, and a wide range of other brands with a simple device code entry method.

There are mainly 2 methods you can connect your ByJasco GE remote to your device. There is a dedicated universal remote code available for a specific type of device. Their official website has a code library where you can get the most appropriate code for your device. The codes should be found based on the model number of the GE remote you are using. You can then apply the code directly to connect the device to your remote.

In another mode, you can simply use an auto-code model that lets your remote control find the perfect code for your device.

Let me give you some examples of ordinary universal remotes. The remotes such as One for All, RCA, Philips remote, ONN remote, etc are some of there available you can buy.. You can get whatever help want regarding universal remote from the pioneer UniversalRemoteHelp. They are experienced in the field you can rely on them.

Let me explain what is a smart and advanced smart universal remote

In this category, you can get some advanced and smart-featured universal remotes. Smart universal should have smart features. The way we pair the devices is entirely different. This is a little bit of update mode. We should have a special mobile application to make our devices ready with the universal remote.

Some of them have LCD screens where we can simply see what mode the remote control is. This means which device is currently on the remote. There will be a small scrolling wheel just below the LCD screen. When you scroll the wheel, the list of the connected devices will be moving up and down. When you stop scrolling, a device will be highlighted through the LCD display. So that the remote can control that device.

This is very beneficial. You can scroll and select the connected device. You don't need to pick the device by selecting the device selection button that we do in an ordinary universal remote control.

Sofabaton X1 is an example of an Advanced smart universal remote. A few years ago, there were advanced smart universal remotes from Logitech, called Logitech Harmony remotes. The Logitech remotes are retired from the market.


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