HP Printers is offline or Not Responding MAC

HP Printers is offline or Not Responding MAC

Due to its endless choice of users all over the world, HP printers are renowned for their best and most innovative printing. But as with other devices, users may also face some troubles while using an HP printer. These issues could be the result of a printer error or the presence of an error in a PC or laptop. the situation happened to some Mac users, who reported HP printers not responding and offline issues. Here, users can dial a number that is a toll-free support number for HP printer issues on Mac to obtain an accurate solution to these HP printer issues on Mac.

Did your printer go offline for no apparent reason? If it’s suddenly not responding, don’t immediately send it to a repair or take help from hp printer services because the answer to this sort of issue is fairly easy. When your computer or laptop and printer are not connected while the printer is present on your company network or physically mounted on your Mac, there are several troubleshooting steps to discover the reason the printer is offline.

The reason is that the printer is offline.

  • Verify that the printer drivers and software are installed correctly.
  • Internal printer, computer, or Mac setup issue
  • Look at the printer tray for any paper jams.

How exactly to fix the Mac/HP printer issue?

Step one: Make sure the printer is ready.

  • In the event that the printer is off or unavailable for communication, it really is offline. Make sure the printer is ready to receive a print job.
  • Look at the printer. If it's off or in sleep mode, press the ability button to turn it on or wake it up.
  • Ensure that the printer has paper loaded into the input tray, the correct toner cartridges installed, and that there are no errors or blinking lights from the printer control interface.
  • Restart the printer and wait until it is really ready to print.
  • Attempt to print. In the event that the printer remains offline, continue to the next thing.

Step two: reset the printing system.

Resetting the print system clears any error states by eliminating all HP and printers that are non-HP print jobs and printer preferences.

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Resetting the Printing System in Mac OS X

Learn to reset the printing system in Mac OS X. Resetting the printing system might help resolve issues if you receive a "Printer Offline" or "Printer Not Responding" message that is responding.

  • Click the Apple menu, and then click System Preferences.
  • Click Print & Fax, Print & Scan, or Printers & Scanners.
  • Right-click (or Control + click) anywhere inside the Printers window, after which click Reset printing system.
  • Resetting the print system on a Mac computer
  • Click "Reset" within the confirmation window.
  • Enter the Administrator password and name, and then click OK to complete the reset.
  • After the printing system resets, add your printer back to your list and try to print. If the printer remains offline, continue to the step that is next.

Step 3: Check the printer connection.

  • Troubleshoot connection issues with the network or printers that are USB-connected.
  • the printer, and check the cable connection. If the computer is unable to detect the printer over a USB connection, restart the computer.
  • Turn off the printer and your computer, and then disconnect the USB cable from the computer.
  • Inspect the cable.
  • Search for any damage. If the cable is damaged, replace the cable.
  • Check out the duration of the cable. In the event that a cable is longer than 3 m (9 ft 10 in) in length, replace the cable with one that is shorter.
  • Connect the cable to a different USB port on the PC. The port must be USB 2.0 or greater. If you utilise a USB hub or station that is docking, connect the cable straight to the PC.
  • Make sure the cable is fully secured to both ports.
  • Turn on the PC, and wait for the computer to complete the startup.
  • Turn on the printer.


Windows: Wait for the PC to install the device that is new.

Mac: Add the printer when you have not already done this.

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