HTTP archive: The most used JavaScript Frameworks and Libraries

Alex Alex 20 November 2019
HTTP archive: The most used JavaScript Frameworks and Libraries

The Web Almanac Report looks at the development of digital content on the Web, the technologies used and the Performance of your websites. On the question of the most used JavaScript Library, this year there was a more than clear winner: jQuery.

The HTTP archive has the claim to document the General Status of the Web and to make the data available for search purposes. For the first time, the Open-Source project released a comprehensive Report, which will in future appear annually. Among others, the report data-based information about which JavaScript Libraries and Frameworks, the scanned pages are being used.

Web Almanac: The Report 2019

For the now published Report were collected 5.790.700 websites and analyzed. The authors of Open Source Tools such as webpage test, Lighthouse and Wappalyzer used, to name just a few.

After the data collection and analysis the report comes to the conclusion that jQuery is included in 85,03% of all Desktop websites (83,46% at mobile sites). Place two jQuery Migrate follows with 31% (Desktop and Mobile) before jQuery UI with 23.6% (Mobile 21,75%) in third place.

the dominance of The Library is not, of course, because surveys among developers have occupied that the Populuarität of jQuery declined sharply. The library is still found in 85% of all web sites, according to the authors of the report, two main reasons. So jQuery is included by default in WordPress, which is already used in 30% of all analyzed pages. Also, the exchange of jQuery and any other JavaScript Library can be connected depending on the scope with some effort what could be an explanation of why many website owners prefer to stay in the used Library. The farewell to jQuery not be done easily, is currently observed, for example, in the case of Ember, the we reported.

most Popular JavaScript Frameworks

in addition to the used Libraries, the Report also explores the most used JavaScript Frameworks on the analyzed web pages in the Desktop Version. Exciting is here mainly to observe, such as Frameworks based on the Components compared to those models, the Model-View-Controller (MVC) set. The result shows on the one hand, React to square one a representative of the component-based Frameworks, the MVC paradigm is represented with AngularJS, Backbone js and Ember more strong.



The evaluation of web sites can be seen as a snapshot, the comparison with future Web Almanac Reports should more clearly on Trends. And also the authors consider that the data collected are in turn based on the Detection Library Wappalyzer. In summary, it can be said, however, that jQuery is still by far the most widely used JavaScript Library, while the Framework page in a smaller displacement in favor of models based on the Components.

The complete report of the Web Almanac Reports can be found on the official website to.


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