Through AnshuMaharaj’s Page, efforts are made to motivate the students of Kota, instilling positivity and confidence in their minds. Depressed students are counselled by experts of IHOIK to get suicidal thoughts out of their mind, and to save their lives.Anshu’s Facebook page team includes many people, in which Sagar (Uttar Pradesh), Aditi (Orissa), Prajwal (Rajasthan), Mansi (Madhya Pradesh), Vivek (Bihar), Ashish (Bihar), Riya (Rajasthan) and Aakrati (Uttar Pradesh) are notable.

This Facebook Page has become a popular social media platform for the students of Kota. At present, more than 1 lakh people are connected to this Page, including residents of Kota, teachers, and students. Anshu Maharaj also has an Instagram Page of the same name where more than 80 thousand people are connected.

Anshu Maharaj handles his social media platform @ithappensinKota. It meets the demands of the Kota students community, providing them with all the necessary information at just one click.

They strive to delight and inspire the students through their regular articles, images, memes, videos, and short stories. The IHOIK team has worked proficiently at Lantern Festival, Event Management, Promotion, Social Cause Drive, and Social Media Campaigns.

Anshu’s group members Vivek and Ashish work as dedicated managers and Aakrati, Riya, Sameer work as content creators. Through the “It Happens Only in Kota” Facebook Page, Anshu made his personality such that, any student can approach him with any problem.

Anshu says, “I do feel attached with the education hub, Kota, and I don't want it to be a “pressure hub”. So, I created a family of students away from home who care for each other, motivate each other, and share things which they cannot share with their parents or teacher”.

Anshu also said that they guide the students in every possible way, and teachers are also connected with this community to assist the group whenever they require.

Kota IHOIK Care Group:

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, there was a terrible situation in the entire country. To save the country from this deadly bite of the pandemic, a nationwide lockdown was imposed for many days. This had a profound impact on ordinary lives. Like the rest of the country, life in Kota came to a halt due to the lockdown.

Due to this, the condition of the people and laborers who made their living by doing small jobs became worse. They were suffering for food. And in that critical situation, the IHOIK group of Kota under the banner of IHOIK Care took up the burden of providing food to every hungry and needy person.