Huawei Mate 40 Pro Plus - TOP 5 FEATURES

Huawei Mate 40 Pro Plus - TOP 5 FEATURES
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23 October 2020

Huawei’s latest and greatest smartphone the Mate 40 Pro Plus has now officially launched as a direct follow-up to last year’s Mate 30 series. It goes toe to toe against the latest offering from Samsung, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. So let's take a look at 5 new features of this handset that makes it a pretty powerful handset in almost every way yet fails to make up for this phone's biggest problem.

Wireless charging speed

Huawei has put some crazy charging tech into the Mate 40 Pro Plus. 50W of fast wireless charging which makes it the world's fastest wireless charging solution in a smartphone rivaling Xiaomi’s Mi 10 Ultra which also offers a 50W wireless charging speed. Not only that there is 66W of fast wired charging as well which is literally one-up OnePlus’s 65W charging but less than Xiaomi's 120W on the Mi 10 Ultra. But in any case, 66W means just a 15, 20 minutes of charge is enough to power the handset all day.

Stereo sound

Other smartphones out there do offer a stereo sound effect with the help of a dedicated loudspeaker on the bottom and the earpiece up top. But it's not as powerful and immersive because the second speaker up top is an earpiece. But Huawei solves that problem with symmetrical dual speakers one at the bottom and another at the top to ensure a better and a bassy audio experience. Even though it doesn't have Dolby Atmos because of the US sanctions, but the symmetrical dual speakers alone should be enough to provide an improved and balanced audio experience.

The Biggest camera sensor

Just like the P40 Pro Plus launched earlier, the Mate 40 Pro Plus offers the same camera experience with the biggest camera sensor, two optical zoom cameras one with 10x optical and another 3x optical for short-range zoom. Also, It's the first mobile cam in the world to feature a free form lens, which reduces the distortions characteristic of ultra-wide lenses. In short, the camera is one of the best out there and it's almost similar to the P40 Pro Plus with some minor improvement.

5 nm chipset

It features a 5nm Kirin 9000 chipset which offers some big upgrade over the 7nm chipset found on the P40 Pro and Mate 30 Pro. It features four Cortex-A77 cores, one of which is clocked at the record-breaking 3.13 GHz, and four A55 cores. The GPU is a Mali-G78 with 24 cores, which is the maximum configuration possible and offers twice the improvement in GPU speeds compared to the P40 Pro. It also features a waterfall 90Hz OLED display, 3D face unlock through that notch, optical fingerprint scanner, and more.

No Google apps

It's not really a feature but this phone has a really big problem which makes it irrelevant for all of you except the people of China and it's the lack of Google services. Even though Huawei is continuing to invest in its own ecosystem of apps and services, it's nowhere near Google in offering your favorite apps. Also, they are banned from making their own Kirin Chipsets so the future of this phone and Huawei is dark right now. Unless something magic happens and the US removes the ban on Huawei, do not buy this phone or any other Huawei phone for that matter.

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