Human Intelligence Meeting Artificial Intelligence

Human Intelligence Meeting Artificial Intelligence

What Is Human Ingenuity?

The meaning of human ingenuity (HI) is defined as the collective process by which humans consider, invent, and test innovative ideas to solve problems and answer questions. It is the way we both create and transform society. Human ingenuity also consists of thinking about the consequences of our collective actions and how our choices today will affect future generations.

Technology-enabled innovation is redefining our lives; our capabilities and expectations are being reset in every aspect. While we can all agree that evolving high-tech has created new opportunities for everyone, a complete transformation is based on human ingenuity. Pursuing leadership and innovation and nurturing human creativity and ingenuity will be an organization's greatest strength in the future.

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Understanding the Popularity of Artificial Intelligence

Across nearly every industry, artificial intelligence (AI) is influencing the future of humanity. It is already the primary driver of emerging technologies such as robotics, big data, and the Internet of Things. It will continue to be a technological innovator in the foreseeable future.

The amount of data generated by humans and machines today beats humans' ability to absorb, understand, and make challenging decisions based on that data. AI underpins all computer learning and represents the future of all complex decision-making. Computers are extremely efficient when it comes to calculating combinations and permutations to make the best decision. Deep learning, AI, and its logical evolution of machine learning are the foundational future of business.

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This technology is being used in various industries to create autonomous robots that can perform various tasks. The machine can speed up work and processes while also providing accurate results. AI technology spreads across all fields to reduce human effort and provide optimized results.

Industries Flourishing with Artificial Intelligence


Because of the complexity of hotel operations, the complexity of data, and the intensity of labor required to provide a satisfactory customer experience, AI technology has an important place in the hospitality industry. AI systems can respond to these issues quickly and accurately, resulting in more positive customer experiences and brand loyalty. AI-powered price optimization software can sift through multiple sources of internal and external data to forecast demand and adjust rates in response to changing conditions.

Real Estate

Human ingenuity in the real estate sector can use AI-driven systems to generate a reliable property valuation and recommend the properties that best match the client's preferences. Commercial real estate firms gain from AI because it makes building systems more automated. Energy-efficient upgrades, ongoing monitoring of important assets, and examining occupant behavior all contribute to building automation savings.


Many businesses require sophisticated cyber defense systems to protect their networks. Given the scope of what must be monitored, AI technologies are best suited to an organization's data security task. What would take humans several days or even weeks to complete can be completed almost instantly by AI-powered cybersecurity systems.

Public Sector

Public sector AI is still in its infancy. Public-private partnerships are frequently used in the implementation of AI to assist government agencies in overcoming the associated technical challenges. Despite this, a 28% increase in government AI investment from the financial year 2021 enacted levels points to a bright future for AI integration in the public sector.

Consumer Brands

Throughout a product and service cycle, from production to post-sale communications, AI is used to support human ingenuity. AI technologies can lower costs by streamlining operations and improving brand loyalty through customer engagement opportunities.


Because of artificial intelligence, the healthcare sector has a wide range of potential advantages. It might make tissue biopsies unnecessary and allow doctors to provide an accurate diagnosis more quickly by allowing x-ray, MRI, and CT scanners to take their place. Developing new interfaces that deliver emergency care will integrate machine learning with human learning.

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AI reduces the workload associated with conducting manual reviews of electronic health records, aids in reducing the risks posed by antibiotic resistance, and produces more accurate analytics.

Boosting Human Ingenuity Through Artificial Intelligence

The possibilities for how AI can augment human ingenuity to improve society are nearly limitless. Indeed, AI is beginning to improve people's lives with self-driving cars, digital personal assistants that anticipate our needs, and computerized health diagnoses. Artificial intelligence promises that knowledge gained from applying analytics to the wealth of data available today will add intelligence to any decision-making process, allowing us to produce faster, more effective results.

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According to recent research, AI can double annual economic growth rates by 2035 and increase labor productivity by up to 40%. According to a study by McKinsey, AI-enabled digital platforms that match workers to task-based jobs could add 2% to global GDP and create 72 million full-time jobs by 2025. Furthermore, the United Nations has embraced AI as critical to achieving the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. Technology is believed to have good potential for the future while also providing numerous opportunities for us today.

Human Intelligence in Motion

There is no doubt that technologies amplify human capacities. AI has radically been altering how we work for the past several years and it will only keep impacting our lives on a much larger scale, we need to understand that technology (AI) and people (HI) are a winning combination. It is through the mix of these two that we will be able to make a larger impact.

Let’s understand it from a simple example. The capabilities of analytics will be of less relevance to improving processes and making future business strategies if there are no humans to understand and act upon the intelligence generated by the analysis. And this is just one example.

For the last two decades, Arthur Lawrence has been working with several Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies to deliver human intelligence across a range of specialties and technologies.


By now, we agree that AI augments Human Intelligence and not replaces it. Teams composed of people and digital or technology working together is the new diversity. Undoubtedly, businesses must keep up with the latest trends and have efficient technology teams that accentuate digital capabilities to stay competitive.

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