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04 December 2022

So you want to get your song on Spotify, but you don't know how to submit it. Spotify allows you to submit your music seven days before it releases, though it can take a few extra days for it to be processed. It also doesn't accept previously released music. You can't get paid placement unless your track is new. Lastly, you must keep your artist profile information up to date. Spotify may use this information when sharing its music with its listeners.

Song Submission

If you want to have your song played on Spotify, the first step is to fill out a form. You will have to provide a bit of information about the song. You must provide enough information for Spotify to properly match the song with their database. You can fill out the genre, mood, and style fields. Spotify will use these fields to choose the best songs to include in playlists.

You should complete all of the fields on the submission form completely. This is particularly important when it comes to genre and mood. It is also important to leverage any available playlist features you might be able to obtain. Be sure to thank the curator if you are chosen for a feature! This will help the curator discover more of your songs.

You should also ensure that your music is already available on Spotify before you can submit it. The deadline for submission is seven days before the release date. If you are submitting your first song for consideration on Spotify, you should upload it seven days before its release date.

Editorial playlists

If you want to be featured on Spotify, you can submit your tracks to one of the editorial playlists curated by their team. The process is free of charge, but there is no guarantee that your track will be featured. The process should be completed as early as possible because submissions can take up to two weeks.

Spotify curates editorial playlists based on data submitted by listeners. The playlists are not editable, but they can be shared with other users. The Spotify Playlist Pitching Tool is designed to keep the process fair and open to all artists. The goal of these playlists is to make music more accessible to a wider audience and increase the number of listeners.

Creating an editorial playlist is a great way to get your music in front of a wider audience. Spotify curators visit artist profiles frequently and if you've made an impression on them, your track may get featured in a Spotify playlist. To qualify, your tracks should be unreleased, so they can be pitched to a Spotify curator. In addition, it's important to submit your tracks four weeks before their release date, so the curators can pitch them and distribute them to their audiences.

Pitching your song to an editor

When pitching your song to an editor of Spotify playlists, there are some important points you must take into account. One of the most important things to keep in mind is the genre your song belongs to. Submit music to Spotify playlists are often mood-based, so you should select a song that will fit that mood.

Make sure your song hasn't already been released. Independent playlists, for instance, tend to favor more established artists and labels. You can only pitch one track at a time, so be sure to choose one that shows off your talent and tells a story. If you're pitching a track from an album, it's essential to include the basic artist information in the metadata.

When pitching your song to an editor of Spotify playlists, make sure to do some research on the editors and genres they are most interested in. You can also do some research on the artists they listen to and which playlists they have featured. By researching their music, you'll be able to make a more convincing pitch.

Getting your song into a playlist

If you are an upcoming artist and would like your song to get some exposure, there are a few things you can do. First, you can follow the playlists of people who listen to your genre. By doing this, you can increase the number of streams your song receives. This is a huge boost for your exposure. Another way to get your song onto a playlist is to submit it to the New Music Friday playlist. This playlist is updated each Friday and can garner a lot of attention for new artists.

Another option is to manually edit your playlists. If you want, you can edit the headers and change the order of the songs within your playlists. Moreover, you can send the playlists to your friends or other users.

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