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06 October 2022
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While Gout can be treated, it can be extremely severe and painful, and it can be difficult to control. It's a form of arthritis that it is characterised by sudden and severe joint pain, often in the base of the large toe. This is a particular problem for overweight individuals or the elderly. it has increased in frequency in the past 30 years. Gout-related attacks typically last just a couple of days. Patients tend to suffer them after every incident. Gout attacks are preventable by cutting down on weight and keeping a tight rein on drinking alcohol.

Gout and alcohol have always been linked. Since the beginning, physicians have warned patients suffering from Gout of the risks associated when they drink. Certain forms that contain alcohol (namely beer) have high levels of purines. It's a chemical found in our bodies and in certain foods, which transforms into uric acid when it's processed. The kidneys usually clear uric acids by urine. In the event that this doesn't occur for reasons of any kind (e.g. if there are more purines than usual in the body or the kidneys fail to perform as they should), the uric acid can stay within the body. Gout is often caused by uric acid crystal buildup in joints. It is also possible to notice kidney stones, or lumps under the skin. This is known as the result of gout. Most of the culprits are meats such as beef, chicken, fish the liver and other organ meats. Peas and beans dried in the sun are the remainder. Stay clear of food items that contain cholesterol, sugars, and noncomplex carbohydrates as well as saturated fats. Although alcohol has been suspected to be a contributing factor however, research in 2004 released in The Lancet confirmed that it was associated with gout.

The study followed more than 47,000 men with no history of gout during 12 years. It identified a direct link between gout and alcoholin particular alcohol, specifically beer. Men who averaged only one 12-ounce a day increased their risk of the condition by 1.5 times. The increase in risk was lower for hard liquor while wine registered very little (source: Choi]. Although the findings regarding beer weren't surprising, it was quite shocking to learn that a small quantity of beer could cause the risk to increase.

It was widely believed that excessive alcohol consumption was the biggest danger for gout sufferers. In other words, you should drink enough to cause your kidneys to create uric acids instead. Now it appears that moderate beer consumption can result in the same effect.

Do I have to cut down on my alcohol consumption when I grow older?

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