Importance of Automation Software Testing

Importance of Automation Software Testing

Testing is one of the core parts of the software development process. Manual testing is one of the traditional ways of testing which has its advantages as well as disadvantages. Here, there is a team of QA who develops the test plans and then performs the tests individually and manually which is again a very time-consuming process that is also prone to human errors. 

Also, today the expectations of the customers have increased for the digital product and services. This has put the developers under tremendous pressure to meet all their expectations. Therefore, the developers have to gear up and keep on providing new updates to the customer regularly. This is possible if the back-end testing procedure gets faster. This is not possible through Manual Testing, hence if one wants continuous delivery then they should go with Automation Testing.


Here the engineering teams own the responsibilities of developing the test plan as per the roadmap of the feature list of the application and executing it through automatic integration tools. This will support the developers for Continuous Delivery (CD).


The progressing trend of agile production of software has given birth to this new concept of Continuous Delivery (CD). The earlier you will conduct the test for the software, the earlier you will be able to fix the bugs and errors and make it closer to what is expected from them. 

So, the faster the process of testing will be, the faster the delivery of features to the customers. Whenever any new feature is developed, before it proceeds further towards the release process, it has to go through testing compulsorily. At this stage, if automation testing is conducted, then it not only has to be fast, but also accurate, then only it makes sense. This is the reason that Software testing company the USA have started focusing their engineers on learning new testing tools. 

Below is a quick snapshot of how the whole process works.


Automation Testing is the perfect team for two processes called- Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery.CI is solely responsible for running automated tests against new code changes to ensure that they do not damage existing functionality or introduce new defects.



These tests are meant for checking every function of the software which means individual units of the code. This test ensures that the given input gives the expected output. The codes with the sensitive calculations are most preferred to be tested by Unit Tests only. Also, these tests are one of the less expensive tests with a high return on investment.


The performance reveals the speed and responsiveness at which the software reacts to the query given by the customer. Some of the metrics to measure performance are the time taken to load the page, how much time it takes to showcase the search results, time to render first, and many others.

During Automation testing, all the performance metrics of the software will be measured automatically by the tool, and that too in the shortest time. Will also inform the concerned team if there is any flaw or error in the process. The quicker it will be identified, the quicker it will be resolved.


End-to-end tests are usually the tests conducted to know the response of the features from the users' point of view which means testing the overall experience of the user when he logs in to our software. As it includes testing of the user's log in experience, users can make changes in the email settings, and similarly to other parameters.

It is considered one of the most important tests among all as it focuses on testing the experience of the end-user which is the utmost important factor in the success of any software. Our end-users must have a very smooth error-free and bug-free experience, so this test should be conducted through automation tools.

As it is one of the crucial tests, it is expensive as well. Hence, if the company plans not to launch many new features at a rapid speed. They can opt for manual testing, or else if the company is of the mindset to provide new features to their clientele regularly. Then we should go with automation testing.


There are certain units of code in the software that make calls to a third-party service. However, the primary codebase does not have direct access to a third-party utility. And so, here is the Integration test which deals with the interdependencies of third parties integrated with the software.

Integration tests are very similar to unit tests and are also less expensive. But if one talks about the ROI, then it is a topic of debate for both the tests.


From the above points, it is very clear that one wants to be insightful of their customers. Then they have to continuously keep on delivering new features. There are new releases to them which ultimately enhance their overall experience with the software. And accordingly Software Testing services in the USA have adapted and utilized more and more automation tools for testing to enhance the customer’s experience.


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