Important Factors That Affect Property Value

Important Factors That Affect Property Value
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30 December 2022

Are you searching for a property for sale in Victoria? Do you know that many factors positively or negatively affect property prices? So, once you list your house for sale in Victoria, BC, you should consider these factors before finalizing with the buyers.

In most cases, property value is based on how much a buyer is willing to pay in the market and what property feature positively impacts the buyer's mind. For example, a family searching house for sale in Victoria may weigh factors such as school, surroundings, size, or property condition. Here are some essential factors that may affect the market value of your property.

Neighborhood Comparison

One of the best indicators to know the market value of your house is the selling price of identical properties in your areas that were recently sold. Whether a home appraisal or a market analysis done by a professional realtor in Victoria, they rely on comparative prices to estimate the value of properties.


Your current residential home may be the ideal location for you, but it is different for buyers or evaluators. An appraiser considers many factors when determining a home's value, including the quality of local schools, job opportunities, markets, entertainment, and other factors.

According to realtors, Victoria's location near highways, utility lines, and public transportation can affect the home's overall value. When calculating the value of a home, the square footage may be more important than the size and condition of the house.

Plot size and floor plan:

The size and floor plan play important when you search for luxury homes for sale in Victoria and also affect your budget accordingly. The price you pay per square meter can fluctuate depending on where you buy. In addition to square meters, the available area of ​​​​the house plays a vital role in determining its value. Garages, attics, and unfinished basements are typically not included in the offer square feet.

Property age and condition

Newly constructed buildings are more valuable than older buildings. The newly built building is most probably featured with features with modern appliances, a well-designed structure, and sustainable resources. Therefore, it is indestructible and can bring savings to the buyer.

Local market trends

Even if your home is in good condition, is in a prime location in Victoria, and has premium upgrades, the number of other available properties for sale in your area can affect its value.

Bottom Line

Whether buying or selling a property, market value is key to getting the best property at a reasonable price. If you are looking for a house for sale in Victoria, hire a professional realtor and negotiate market prices up to $10000 with 100% customer satisfaction.

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