Important Facts of Maqam e Ibrahim

Important Facts of Maqam e Ibrahim
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Kabah is the House of Allah, and since the first time it was built, it has been fixed up many times. People think that angels built the Kabah two thousand years before Hazrat Adam was born. Hazrat Adam then built it as a place of worship. It went away in the well-known storm of Nooh. But Holy Quran talks about the third time Holy Kabah was built. It was built by two Prophets named Hazrat Ibrahim and Hazrat Ismail.

The Kabah is a place where pilgrims go to remember Hazrat Ibrahim and his son. A pilgrimage was made by the Holy Prophet to the House of Allah. Every year, millions of Muslims do Hajj, which is the same thing that Hazrat Ibrahim did and that Holy Prophet did as well. With Easter Holidays Umrah Packages UK, you can also do a small pilgrimage to see the House of Allah. At Maqam e Ibrahim, people make two rakahs of Nawafil.

Construction of the Holy Kabah (House of Allah Almighty): Hazrat Ibrahim and Hazrat Ismail built the Holy Kabah, which still stands today. People think that Hazrat Ibrahim stood on one of the three stones that were taken from Jannah. When he stood on it to build the upper walls of the Holy Kabah, the stone gave way. On that stone, you can still see the prints of Hazrat Ibrahim, which is proof for those who don't believe.

Maqam e Ibrahim is the name of the stone on which the Holy Prophet stood while building the Holy Kabah. At that place, he also gave Nawafil. Allah wanted Ibrahim's good deed to be remembered, so He told all Muslims to pray two rakahs of Nawafil at Maqam e Ibrahim. When Hazrat Ibrahim built the Holy Kabah, he used five different kinds of mountain stones. These rocks are called Toor, Hira, Thubay,

Lebanan, and Jabal al Khayr.

Maqam e Ibrahim came from Jannah:

Most Muslims think that three stones from Jannah have been taken away. These things:

1. Black Stone

2. Maqam e Ibrahim

3. Israel's Rock

The location of Maqam e Ibrahim has changed. When Hazrat Ibrahim was building the Holy Kabah, he kept this stone close to the walls. But when Hazrat Umar was the second Caliph of Islam, the place where it was moved. It is now kept far away from the Holy Kabah, toward the east, to make Tawaf easier.

Prayer at Maqam e Ibrahim:

Hazrat Umar wanted the place where Ibrahim stood to be turned into a place for Salah. Allah heard him, and in the Holy Quran, He said to pray at Ibrahim's place. After the Tawaf of the Holy Kabah, you must also pray two rakahs of Nawafil at Maqam e Ibrahim. If someone doesn't pray at Maqam e Ibrahim, their Tawaf won't be complete. Muslims visit the Maqaam e Ibraheemi during the Hajj or Umrah. Umrah is cheaper in the month of Easter that’s why most of the Pilgrims book the September Umrah Packages.

Maqam e Ibrahim is a square-shaped stone that is covered with a gold-colored cage and stands about 20 cm tall. The footprints are nearly 10 cm deep and are covered in a way that makes them impossible to see.

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