in Fairy Lights in Contemporary Design: How They're Changing Spaces.

in Fairy Lights in Contemporary Design: How They're Changing Spaces.
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12 November 2023

 Your Space with Subtle Brilliance

Fairy lights are no longer confined to Christmas trees and festive occasions. These twinkling little wonders have gracefully found their way into our homes and spaces, weaving their subtle glow through our everyday moments and special occasions alike. Litehouse, your trusted friend in outdoor and ambient lighting, guides you through this luminous journey in contemporary design.

Not Just for Festivities: A Daily Dose of Sparkle

The charm of fairy lights extends well beyond the festive season. Their delicate glow breathes life into spaces, crafting an atmosphere that’s both cosy and enchanting. But the rise of fairy lights in contemporary design isn’t merely about aesthetics. It's an embrace of a subtle brilliance that can morph a mundane setting into a dreamy escape, making moments brighter and memories more vivid.

Gently Illuminating Outdoors and Indoors Alike

Whilst Litehouse started by twinkling through your gardens and patios with solar and plug-in string lights, our ambition goes beyond. Our primary focus of outdoor lighting from 2024 is to expand our range to spotlights and floodlights, the essence remains - to artistically illuminate your world in an unintrusive yet profound manner.

Expanding your horizons, consider draping fairy lights across your balcony, providing a gentle illumination to your evening relaxation. Indoors, they can be weaved through bookshelves or around mirrors, becoming a part of your daily life, subtly elevating ordinary moments into something a bit more special.

Marrying Functionality and Style with Litehouse

Litehouse ensures that your spaces are not merely illuminated but are also transformed in a manner that augments their inherent beauty. Through meticulously designed lighting solutions, we marry functionality and style, ensuring every strand of fairy lights enhances the aesthetic appeal of your space while respecting its original charm.

Seamlessly Integrating Fairy Lights into Design

When it comes to embedding fairy lights into contemporary design, it's all about seamless integration. Whether it's softly lining the garden pathway, subtly highlighting architectural elements, or gently accentuating the natural beauty of indoor plants, Litehouse fairy lights infuse a gentle, comforting glow without becoming overbearing.

Choosing Litehouse: A Promise of Quality and Elegance

Opting for Litehouse is choosing a brand deeply rooted in quality and innovation. Our lighting solutions are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring they not only light up your spaces but also stand the test of time.

Through our intelligent designs and professional approach, we aim to bring you lighting solutions that are both enchanting and practical. At Litehouse, we illuminate your spaces, ensuring that every flicker of our fairy lights brings warmth, comfort, and a subtle elegance into your world, shaping moments that linger beautifully in your memories.

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Litehouse - the brand that designs & sells more than premium, decorative, outdoor lighting. We CREATE Better, Brighter moments.

Founded in 2020 by brothers Kevan & Mike Van der Velde, Litehouse is on a mission to create Better, Brighter moments that foster deep human connections. We aim to become South Africa's top-rated, well-known outdoor lighting brand, renowned for innovative, premium, decorative outdoor lighting. Choosing Litehouse not only means you're buying lighting; you're investing in better, brighter moments, human connection, and child-like joy.


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