Increasing Security in Commercial and Business Facilities

Increasing Security in Commercial and Business Facilities
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In uncertain times, commercial and business establishments face issues in security and safety, especially when it comes to the incidence of crime. These establishments are often the target of criminals experienced in thievery and burglary.

For many business owners, increasing security becomes a vital step to ensure the safety of their staff, customers, property, and valuables. But sometimes adding more security can be hard for small businesses on a tight budget.

Are there ways that businesses can increase their security levels without spending too much?

Provide Employees with Clear Identification Badges
If you have several employees, it’s best to give them clear identification badges that include not only their names but also a clear picture. Giving them name tag holders with pins would also help in quick identification.

Management must require all employees to wear this before they are allowed into the establishment or even allowed to enter specific areas that might be only for specific teams or staff members. Having a name tag holder with a pin can make it easier for security to identify such individuals.

Install Security Cameras
Using surveillance cameras in specific areas can help small businesses improve their security levels. If combined with motion sensors, owners can quickly review who is accessing their facility beyond business hours.

Installing these cameras in specific locations also helps in monitoring all movements and people in the premises of the business. If you don’t have enough to get motion sensors, you could then hire one staff member to monitor the cameras.

Some key locations where you need a surveillance camera include:

● Entry and exit points

● Parking lots

● Storage facility

● Cashier or Checkout point

● Elevators

● Restricted areas

You do not need to install cameras in all these areas. Choose at least three pivotal areas that you think are the most vulnerable and place your cameras there.

Install a Better Lock Mechanism
One of the easiest and most affordable ways to upgrade your security is to install an improved lock mechanism. You can place high security locks in certain areas that are only accessible to particular staff members.

You could also use commercial grade locks in areas where there is a lot of customer traffic. They are more durable and easier to fix. However, make sure to always check and maintain your locks. Use more than one lock mechanism for your main entry and exit points so there is less likelihood of a break-in.

Train Your Employees in Security Awareness
Training employees in security awareness can go a long way in improving the safety of your business or commercial establishment. Making your staff value the importance of security will help keep them and your customers safe from injury, accidents and other possible incidents.

It’s also possible that a business might be vulnerable to employee theft. In such cases, the addition of security cameras can help prevent such incidents. Providing specific personnel with name tag holders with pins for special access could also lessen the risk.

Maintain the Property
The proper maintenance of your establishment could also improve its security levels. Fixing busted light fixtures can go a long way in preventing crime, as many burglars will not target a well-lighted establishment.

Trimming your lawn and greenery will also prevent trespassers and intruders from using it as a hiding place. Clearing out waste materials in your parking lot and storage rooms also makes it a safer place, as it provides no cover area for possible intruders.

Business safety is very important, but you don't have to spend too much to increase the security and safety of your facility. You only need to be aware of the most significant and vulnerable parts of your establishment so you could choose the appropriate step in security management.

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