Indeed-study: These Tech Skills are the most sought

Alex Alex 27 November 2019
Indeed-study: These Tech Skills are the most sought

Indeed, the Online Portal for job vacancies, has published a study on the development of the most sought-after technical skills in the IT field. Clear winner of the five-year analysis is: Docker.

The Job-platform Indeed has analysed over five years, millions of job ads on popular Tech skills. The result of the „Tech Skills Explorer“ above-mentioned study has now been released by the Indeed Hiring Lab, the in-house Department for data analysis.

The data is based on the observation of 500 different skills that were in demand in at least 0.1% of jobseekers on between 2014 and 2019. It was also investigated which occupations required in the Special abilities. Among these skills, specific Software, programming languages, as well as Tech-disciplines, such as IoT or AI to fall. The study was limited to English-language job offers in the United States.

Tech Skills Explorer: The results

A look at the Top 20 list of the most sought-after skills shows a clear winner: Docker. With an increase in the mention of it in the job applications by more than 4000%, the Container Tool has landed uncatchable in the first place. Far off behind them, but also with a growth of more than 1000%, found IoT, Ansible, Kafka, Azure and Spark.

Indeed study Tech


While it is managed with Azure, Spark, Redshift and AWS four technologies for the field of data processing under the Top 20, Scala is the only programming language that is to be found here.

in addition to the long-term analysis of the last five years, Indeed even an insight into the current Trends in the IT job market. For the period 2018-2019 a Machine Learning focused Library with PyTorch in the first place. With Kotlin, a representative of object-oriented programming languages make it to third place, while Kubernetes is a Container orchestration solution, as well as the Google Cloud Platform among the Top 10 is represented.

Indeed Tech study Table1

Indeed it has not analyzed available for the study, only the highest increases in Tech Skills, but also those who have lost the most interest. Thus, knowledge for Clojure, EJB, Servlets, and JSP will be asked less and less, to name just a few.

These developments lead to the conclusion by the publisher of the study that the claims of developers and their technical skills are in a constant state of change. This means that workers should keep their knowledge in the Tech sector to date. On the other hand, employers need to be able to new Trends in the eye and respond to keep, as both industry as well as the demands on workers to change more than fast.

The entire study with all the results on the official website of the Indeed Hiring Labs available.



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