Tech news: Intel prepares to SLAM AMD, RTX 2060, Virgin reaches Orbit, vibrating VR

Tech news: Intel prepares to SLAM AMD, RTX 2060, Virgin reaches Orbit, vibrating VR
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LG might ditch smartphones

LG is thinking about ditching the smartphone business, according to the Korean, according to CEO kwon Bong-Seok, The Korean Herald reported that the company's big cheese revealed in a message to staffers, that it is about time for LG to make a cold judgment regarding a sale, withdrawal and downsizing of the company smartphone business in response to fierce competition.

But this news comes only a week after LG teased their rollable smartphone at CES. Now what are we supposed to do with that thing? Stick it at our pipes and smoke it.

Kwon's considering the move because of his self-perceived failure to make LG's mobile division profitable by 2021. I mean, I don't know who made the decision to tie the wacky flip-up LG wing in with "Songbird", that horrible looking movie about COVID starring the guy from "Riverdale" but, that probably didn't help either.

Intel Alder Lake-S leaks

Fresh leaks of Intel's Alder Lake-S processors are haunting the internet, specifically a 16 core model with DDR5 memory.

An entry in the SiSoftware database described a hybrid design processor that has shown up in leaks before.Tech news: Intel prepares to SLAM AMD, RTX 2060, Virgin reaches Orbit, vibrating VR It's got eight high performance, hyper-threading capable cores, in addition to eight power efficient cores for a total of 24 threads. But the presence of DDR5 is a new detail as is the chips boost clock of 4 GHz, allowing this sample to perform substantially better than the one shown in previous leaks.

These are desktop processors, and I'm not sure what use efficiency cores will have when, you know, battery life isn't really in the picture, but hey, maybe Intel knows something I don't.

Nvidia resurrecting RTX 2060?

A week after announcing the RTX 3060, NVIDIA may be planning to reintroduce the RTX 2060 and 2060 super into the market. French enthusiast site, claims that sources have told them NVIDIA has distributed new GPU stock to board partners as a way to have something, anything on shelves that gamers can actually freaking buy.

If this is true, it's pretty ridiculous. I mean the GPU stock shortage has gotten apparently this bad to the point where we are re releasing old products so consumers have some way to spend their money.

In case you were hoping for a deal, it looks like the RTX 3060 may not launch with a founder's edition which means that most cards will be priced above the 3060's, $329 MSRP. Maybe we were wrong. 

EC fines Valve + Steam publishers

The European commission has issued fines, totaling 7.8 million euros against Valve and five steam publishers, including ZeniMax, Capcom and Bandai Namco. The EC says that the company's restricted sales in some European regions, but not others, which is against EU antitrust rules.

Valve plans to appeal of course, saying that geoblocking actually helps prevent publishers from raising prices in less affluent regions. But regardless, if the fines go through, it shouldn't be too much of a burden thanks to that sweet, sweet Dota money.

Mac + Windows bugs

M1 Mac book users are complaining about a Macalester big server that activates the screen saver and renders laptop unusable. Should have bought a windows laptop. They don't have any bugs, like, for instance, that crashes your whole PC when you open a certain path, and file Explorer, PCMR bro.

Virgin reaches Orbit

Virgin orbit has finally managed to live up to their name with the successful launch of the LauncherOne rocket into orbit becoming the first company to do so with a liquid fueled rocket deployed from a 747. Looks like Richard Branson will finally get his access card to the super secret billionaire space station where Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos spend all their time probably, glaring at each other.

Facebook vibrating VR displays

 The company formerly known as Oculus, Facebook reality labs is apparently researching a way to reduce the screen door effect in VR headsets, involving rapidly and minutely shifting the entire display. So basically, they're gonna make a vibrator that goes right on your face. Sounds horrible or great, depending on what you want the headset for.

2.5GHz superconducting processor

And the Japanese researchers have developed a super conducting processor said to be 80 times more efficient than traditional seven nanometer alternatives. And if that doesn't get you excited enough this bad boy is made of super conducting niobium and built from adiabatik quantum-flux-parametrone.Tech news: Intel prepares to SLAM AMD, RTX 2060, Virgin reaches Orbit, vibrating VR Is that a real word? What is this line? I mean there's more than 20,000 Joseph's injunction switches. 

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