Interesting Reasons Why Cookies are Actually Good for the Soul

Interesting Reasons Why Cookies are Actually Good  for the Soul

Have you ever eaten a simple oatmeal cookie and felt like it caused sensations in your heart? Well, that’s because cookies don't go to your tummy, it goes straight to your heart. And that’s why you are allowed to eat as many cookies as you want to without having to worry about the calories. The very aroma of cookies explains the primal allure that it brings to the human mind and heart. If I had to explain the smell of cookies in one word, it would be “heavenly.” the smell of freshly baked cookies can have the same effect on your mind as weed has on the stoners (only sweet lovers can relate to it) in addition, no other dessert comes in more textures, shapes, sizes and flavours than cookies and yet they have the simplest recipe that you can bake at home - another reason why is one of the most loved desserts. 

Reasons why cookies are good

Endless delectable options

The sheer diversity of cookies is one of the best things about them. There's a cookie for everyone out there. Whatever your taste buds crave, whether it's a simple oatmeal cookie, a nutritious oatmeal raisin cookie, a colourful sugar cookie, or anything that blends sweet and salty, there's a cookie for you. This not only makes cookies the ideal dessert (great for sharing! ), but it also means you'll never get tired of them as there is one for every mood. You can try tons of easy cookie recipes at home or order a few boxes for a well-known bakery.

Perfect traveling food

Have you ever tried to take a piece of cake from a bakery to your home or an ice cream cone? Well, it can be an adventurous task. Food can get messy when travelling. No matter how careful you are, you end up leaving some residues here and there. In that case, you need food that ensures no spillage. Another reason that makes cookies so beloved is that it's super easy to carry them along anywhere. Put them in a box, or a plastic baggie and you are good to go. You open the box to a clean heartwarming dessert that smells fresh.

A Simple and Adorable Gift
Cookies make a great present or addition to hampers. They are little and excellent for one bite-size and can be tastefully displayed in a transparent jar, which you can then paint! With these delightful sweet snacks, the sweetness will brighten your loved ones' day. It's ideal as a thank-you gift, a basic present, or even an apologetic present.

Because it's just PERFECT!

The final reason is simple: it is ideal! You'll enjoy it whether it's crispy, crunchy, soft, chewy, thin, thick, or sweet! Because of all of the reasons I discussed earlier, not just you, but everyone around you is at risk.


Conclusion: whatever flavour of cookie you like the most, I bet that there is a special place for cookies in your heart. A  soul-satisfying dessert is an excuse to treat yourself every day.

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