IoT Enabled DG Set

IoT Enabled DG Set
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In today's energy-intensive world, continuous electricity requirements are necessary for household, commercial, and industrial settings. However, there are occasionally anomalies with the main supply, such as load shedding and power outages. This causes sporadic disruptions in the flow of electricity.

For on-the-go power, diesel generator sets seamlessly transition from the main supply. For your property to have a reliable power supply and a healthy DG set, proper maintenance is necessary. Furthermore, the location of generators at various client sites makes it difficult for facility owners to keep an eye on every asset.

Right now, IoT is revolutionary. DG sets manufacturers , Facility managers, operations, and maintenance teams can enjoy round-the-clock remote asset control with an IoT-enabled Diesel Generator Monitoring Solution. This includes:

1. Draws their attention in advance to maintenance needs,
2. Optimises site visits,
3. Monitors the running condition of DGs for billing,
4. Provides on-the-go switching access
5. Provides visibility on the DGs health parameters across locations.

A DG set's general health is covered by the following check categories, which are serviced by the IoT-enabled Diesel Generator Monitoring Solution:

1. Status of the generator (Energy monitoring)
2. Engine running time
3. Oil pressure
4. Fuel level (Diesel) monitoring
5. Quality of grid power
Furthermore, we have complied our DG Set’s with 9900/4520 Controllers

In summary, one reporting system with the following features can be used to track and analyze each generator's performance parameters separately.

1) Real-time monitoring :
Pinnacle determines the pain points of the customer and chooses the right end-nodes (sensors) to keep an eye on the parameters.

Keep an eye on every DG's vital parameters in real-time (such as fuel or leaks), and get alerts via email or SMS when something goes wrong so you can take quick corrective action.

2) Remote management/ Automated Scheduling:

Increased user convenience can be experienced by remotely turning on and off your DG sets from any location by doing away with manual handling

3) Reporting Dashboards:

Obtain information on the daily fuel consumption rate with interactive, real-time reports on a weekly, monthly, or daily basis. This will enable you to quickly spot any discrepancies between the amount of fuel consumed and the amount of energy produced.

4) Predictive Maintenance:

Determine whether your DG sets are being over- or underutilized, share the load among them, and check their health for best results. Predictive maintenance on pre-programmed triggers or alarm points can stop an equipment shutdown before it happens, which could result in lost production.

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