Ipaintmymind.com Reveals 3 Ways to Breathe Life into Your Office Space

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The past three years have proven that many organizations have the ability to function efficiently with a workforce that primarily works from home. Given the nature of the global pandemic, few companies had a choice in the matter. But now that things have begun to stabilize, companies are, once again, warming up to the idea of having their teams back at the office.

With this shift, it’s worth thinking about the effect the office has on workplace culture and employee experience. Not only should these spaces reflect a brand’s essence, but they also need to contribute to the employee’s physical and mental well-being. Gone are the day's sterile wall paint and drab furniture; instead, companies should turn to ergonomic design and creative interior choices like custom wall murals and live plants to boost morale and productivity. If you’re looking to turn an office space into one that your team can’t wait to walk into each morning, below are three ways to revitalize your office.

Employee Engagement                                                                                                                                         

Keeping employees engaged affects their attitudes to the work that they do. When employees care about their work, they are more productive and have a positive work experience. Your team is the backbone of your organization, so their happiness matters. Deepening the connection that your team has with the company is a sure way to breathe life into the office. More than the impact that tangible décor can have on your office, engaged employees make the workplace worth being in. Engagement doesn’t happen overnight, but it can be driven in the long term through assigning work that is motivating and challenging, employing an inspiring leadership team (i.e., they put people first), and ensuring that individuals understand how their work contributes to the bigger picture.

Artwork and Murals

Nothing embodies what your brand represents like a custom mural. Your company doesn’t necessarily have to be involved in the creative arts to benefit from this kind of feature. Working with a service provider that specializes in custom wall murals will ensure that you’re paired with an artist who takes the time to understand your brand and capture its essence in a meaningful way. When you’re working with a custom mural artist, the sky is the limit. You can opt to keep it simple with a single wall in the entryway or take it up a notch with full artwork from top to bottom. Whether indoors or outdoors, and whatever your taste, the chances of you regretting this stand-out feature are slim. Murals are an impressive way to leave an impression on every single person who enters your office space. At the same time, you have the opportunity to support an artist’s passion, which is even more significant if you’re in a creative industry. What’s not to love about that?

Ergonomic Equipment and Furniture

When it comes to working from the office, comfort is key. Your employees are likely more interested in feeling their best than they are in having beautiful features to look at. Invest in ergonomic office chairs, functional desks, wrist-friendly keyboards, and mouses that don’t come at the expense of their well-being. Taking care of employees in this way will ensure that your team can stay as productive as possible, without the worry of slowing down due to discomfort.

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