iPhone 13 - BOORINGGG!

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iPhone 13 - BOORINGGG!

Apple has finally made the new iPhone 13 lineup official. And to be honest, the keynote was a predictable snooze fest, and has been for a bit. I don't really see any "must-have" upgrade feature. The iPhone 13 isn't much different than the 12, which isn't much different than the 11.

Definitely not an exciting year for Apple fans. But even though the phones are underwhelming in my opinion, let's take a look at what quote-unquote innovations Apple has brought to this year's iPhones.

First up, the biggest upgrades you're going to see on the iPhone 13 are a 20% smaller notch and a 120Hz promotion display on the Pro models. Speaking of 120Hz, remember during the iPhone 12 launch I talked about how people are going to fanboy Apple when they eventually are going to shift to 120Hz. Take a look. That's exactly what's happening. You can find plenty of them on Twitter, and surprisingly our beloved Ice Universe sits right at the top.

Anyway, this Apple keynote felt strange for many reasons. First is when Apple started talking about the A15 Bionic chipset. Usually, Apple compares their new A-series chipset with the last one, stating how much quicker the CPU is than the one before it. But this time, Apple didn't do that, instead they compared the A15 chip with quote-unquote the best-selling Android competition.

Now, this is as vague as vague can get it. I mean, the best-selling android phone costs $200 or a midrange phone at the best which just shows how pointless Apple's comparisons are. It looks like the A15 has modest improvement in the CPU part, but has improved codecs for signal, video, and picture improvements. The GPU now has 5 cores, though but only in Pro models. How this is going to stack up against the likes of AMD and Qualcomm's next will remains to be seen because like I've said, Apple's comparisons are vague and are pretty much useless.

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Another strange thing about the iPhone 13 Pro is that the phone can now record 4K videos at 30fps. That's not the strange part is if you get the 128 GB variant then Apple will not let you use this feature, instead, you'll be capped to 1080p at 30. If you want to use the feature, then you need to buy a 256 GB variant at least. This is classic Apple, I mean, yeah, they could be doing it so that people don't fill up their storage fast, but that should be an option left to the users. They could just give a notification that recording 4K at 30 could fill up their storage in no time, but they won't do that because they want you to buy their higher storage tier phones.

One thing I really liked about the new iPhones is the cinematic video mode, which can mimic the focus capabilities of professional cameras. For example, making someone in the foreground look completely clear, while everyone in the background is blurred out. Even better, the cinematic mode is smart enough to push focus to someone in the background if a foreground character looks at them. It honestly looks great, but you need to keep in mind that this video is filmed by the most professional videographer Apple could find with camera gears you couldn't even imagine.

So we'll have to wait and see for the real reviews from average YouTubers to see if this is really something to look forward to. But that's really the new iPhone upgrades this year. Over the last 2-3 years, I've grown more underwhelmed with each new iPhone release. And the iPhone 13 lineup is sadly no different. 

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