iPhone 14 Pro - Apple Did It Again

iPhone 14 Pro - Apple Did It Again
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We've seen plenty of iPhone 14 leaks and  rumors. From a new design to a big battery,   we've heard a variety of things. – but what  just might be the most disappointing one is   the choice of the chipset.

We heard this back  in March that Apple will use two different   chipsets for the iPhone 14 lineup depending on  the model. The iPhone 14 Pro variants will get   the new A16 bionic processors while the regular  14 and Max will get last year's A15 chipsets.   Industry analysts said that this could be due  to the global chip shortage and this will be a   one-off thing.iPhone 14 Pro - Apple Did It Again Apple would start offering the  latest processor for all the iPhone variants   as they have always done in the past. Turns out, that is not going to happen.

Apple   analyst, Ming Chie Kuo says that all the future  iPhones will follow this dual-chip strategy   where non-Pro iPhones will no longer  have the latest Apple processors.   Well, money. I mean it's Apple, what did you  expect. Even their whole saving the environment   thing is purely just to make more money.iPhone 14 Pro - Apple Did It Again

You see,  right now, the best-selling new iPhone every year   is the basic non-Pro model. Like the iPhone  13 is the best-selling phone of this year.   Apple wants to change that. They want more people  to buy their pro phones because the profit margin   is way bigger there. And the expectation is  that offering the latest chip on just the   Pro variants will make more people consider  the Pro instead of the regular iPhone.   In fact, Ming-Chi Kuo says that this move  will increase the sales of the iPhones 14 Pro   and Max to 55-60% of the total iPhone volume in  the second half of this year, up from 40% to 50%   share in the past. And that is a big number.

Now, I'm sure there are many who say that it's not   a big deal as A15 is already fast enough. You see,  while I absolutely agree that most users won't   notice any difference in performance between A15  and A16 chips. But you need to keep in mind that   these SoC are more than just benchmarks and speed.  For example, the Image Signal Processor (ISP) in   the A-Series chips is generally closely  tied to Apple’s yearly camera advancements.  

You might not feel an extra 10-15% on geekbench  in your regular usage of the phone, but you could   notice that the camera on the regular iPhone 14  didn't get much of a year-over-year upgrade.   If it was a one-off thing, I don't think it was  a very big deal but it's not and that's what   bugs me the most because these shameless  Android companies are writing this down   and I'm sure if Apple is doing it, these Android  companies will follow suit just like they did with   the headphone jack, breaking the $1000 price  barrier, no charger bandwagon and many more.   Yeah, I'm looking at you Samsung. 

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