iPhone 14 - Samsung Is Delighted

iPhone 14 - Samsung Is Delighted
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The display on a smartphone is the most important element, as it is the part of your phone that you interact with all the time. Samsung as you know makes the best displays in the world. They not only use their displays for their own phones but also outsource them to other smartphone makers including Apple.

The iPhone 14 will again use OLEDs from Samsung but Apple has also decided to diversify the outsourcing of the displays. Instead of relying solely on Samsung for the displays, they have also decided to get it from LG and a Chinese display maker named BOE.

BOE has been trying for years to get Apple as a client and a few days ago we got a report that Apple has finally decided to get BOE on board as a third display supplier for the iPhone 14 lineup after Samsung and LG. But something happened.

BOE messed up, and I actually find this really funny. Here's what happened. After getting the order to manufacture nearly 40 million iPhone displays in 2022 which is more than LG, BOE was suddenly dropped as a supplier for iPhones. Why? Well, BOE tried to pull a fast one on Apple but Apple found out. To be specific, BOE tried to reduce the operating cost by changing the design of the OLED panels, such as expanding the circuit width of the thin-film transistor. But they did all of this without informing Apple. So basically BOE thought they would make this design change and save a lot of cash for themselves and hope that Apple wouldn't find out.

Honestly, how stupid BOE must be to even think they can go behind Apple's back and hope that Tim Cook wouldn't find out. Doing an unauthorized design change on a part to a large customer like Apple is a huge no-no in the industry, and it's no Apple didn't hesitate to drop BOE from the iPhone display supplier.

This by the way is actually great news for Samsung and even LG as this would mean those 40 million OLEDs that Apple ordered BOE to manufacture will now be given to Apple's trusted OLED makers Samsung and LG. And this would not only increase Samsung and LG's revenues, but also Samsung would have one less competitor to worry about.

With that being said, the prices for the iPhone 14 lineup have been revealed. According to Jon Prosser, the iPhone 14 will start at $799 while it's $899 for the 14 Pro. The iPhone 14 Pro on the other hand will start at $1099 and $1199 for the 14 Pro Max. Basically a $100 increase in price. By the way, the price hike isn't a result of this BOE mess-up.

Also, we have a 3D mockup of the iPhone 14 Pro Max from shrimpApplepro which shows how big the pill shape cutout is going to be next to a 13 Peo Max. Again, it looks like Apple has decided to display Face ID components and the front-facing camera as separate cutouts rather than a unified notch and called it a day. It also shows the camera hump is going to be significantly bigger and it's going to be much rounder than the 13 Pro Max. Of course, make sure to subscribe for all the updates on the iPhone 14 

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