Is Megaways the Biggest Tech Innovation in iGaming in Recent Years?

Is Megaways the Biggest Tech Innovation in iGaming in Recent Years?
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17 January

For technology lovers who want to see the greatest innovations, the gaming industry is often the best place to look. It’s incredible to think that only forty years ago, players had to go down to an arcade to play rudimentary titles on bulky machines. Now, games are so immersive that it’s hard to differentiate them from real life. Just look at the latest Red Dead Redemption graphics mod if you don’t agree.

One place in which evolution seems to happen at lightning pace is the iGaming industry. Since online gambling grew into a global behemoth with the spread of the internet, the tech advances on the games have been incredible.

Slots Are an Example of How Far the iGaming Sector Has Come

Anyone who’s just getting into iGaming now and playing slots would find it hard to believe what they were seeing if they were shown one of the original machines. Slots have been around for more than a century, and the first offerings were unattractive, clunky, manually operated games with three reels and one win line.

Before the internet, slots evolved in many ways. The machines became more streamlined, integrated electricity, and started to come in a range of themes. But it was the rise of online gambling sites that propelled slots forward massively. After moving to the web, slot developers got incredibly creative. They added numerous new reels and pay lines, features, themes, and state-of-the-art graphics.

Megaways is Arguably the Greatest Innovation

Over the last few years, there has been a major influx of new slot designs from a wide range of developers. It’s clear that many studios are aiming to come up with the next ground-breaking piece of tech that will take slots into the next stage of their evolution.

Big Time Gaming arguably came up with the greatest invention of the modern slots industry when it released the Megaways engine. When you play slots with the Megaways engine, you feel as if you’re in a new era, where anything is possible. The unique mechanic enables more than 100,000 win lines and allows the reels to shift and morph in size. This innovation was so successful that BGT franchised it to other developers and it’s now one of the most popular types of slots.

How Can Slot Developers Innovate Further?

It’s an interesting time for slot fans, as it’s hard to imagine how slots can be improved further. However, judging by the amount of progress to date, it’s a certainty that there will be more developments. Indeed, there’s a strong chance that the games ten years from now barely resemble the ones that are popular today.

There’s a lot of buzz around virtual reality in the gaming industry now, and this futuristic platform will be integrated into the casino industry when it goes mainstream. Slot players may find themselves spinning gigantic reels in fantasy worlds – a concept that NetEnt has already toyed with.

It's hard to disagree that Megaways is the best innovation ever to hit the slots market, as it’s pushed the industry in a whole new direction. Now, developers will be trying to outdo the offering from Big Time Gaming, and it could lead to some exciting new inventions in the years ahead.

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