Is Surface Laptop Studio Good for Programming? Best Microsoft Laptops

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Are you a programmer and looking for your next perfect machine? The Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio laptop has covered you with its sleek and powerful form factor. But can it handle the demands of coding? Let's find out in this blog! We will also discuss top Microsoft laptops with some coding features to take your programming endeavours to the next level. Whether you're a beginning coder or a hardcore developer, Microsoft has a laptop to help you power through your next deadline project. 

Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio for Programming 

The new Surface Studio follows the similar footsteps of the Surface Book lineup but comes with slightly refreshed and more powerful hardware and Microsoft's latest Windows 11 push. 

The Surface Studio is probably the most excellent piece of hardware Microsoft has ever produced. It has a gorgeous screen, one of the best keyboards you might ever see, and a trackpad that is finally on par with what you'll find on Apple laptops.  

Here are some of the key features of Microsoft Surface Studio that make it stand out in the crowd: 

Power for Performance 

The base model of Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio supports Intel Core i7-11370H, one of Microsoft's Tiger Lake-H35 processors. This processing chip is barely faster than a U-series chip, even though the laptop is significantly thicker than its contenders. Some people will argue that the 11th-generation Intel and the four cores are a deal breaker, but it's untrue. You can get better specs for the same price, but the specs aren't everything. This CPU can efficiently run Visual Studio, Microsoft SQL Server, Visual Studio Code, Terminal, Web Server, and other coding software.  

As for graphics, you'll get the integrated Iris Xe graphics in an entry-level model, which is sufficient for most coding tasks. However, you can also opt for configurations with a dedicated Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 Ti GPU. This is a significant advantage for programmers or coders dealing with machine learning or other graphically demanding tasks.  

Additionally, you can configure Microsoft Surface Studio with 16GB or even 32GB of RAM, making it even better for running multiple programs and keeping things buttery-smooth. 

Versatile Form Factor 

The Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio will impress you with its out-of-the-box design. It has a revolutionary hinge design that supports three modes: laptop, stage (angled for presentations or drawing), and tablet. While not a must-have tool for programmers, its versatility might be handy for taking notes, code reviews, or presentations. The touchscreen, particularly with the optional Surface Pen, can help you with diagramming and explaining concepts to other programmers. Having a laptop folded and connected to a second screen saves plenty of real estate and puts the screen closer, making it more valuable than a traditional laptop. 

Hardware for Comfort and Usability 

The keyboard is probably the most exciting thing to talk about in Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio. It has an excellent keyboard: well-sized, illuminated keys with a comfortable travel distance for long coding sessions. The spacious trackpad offers ample room for multi-touch gestures commonly used in programming scenarios. The haptic feedback simulates a physical click for a satisfying feel. Furthermore, the battery life lasts up to 19 hours, which is fine for dealing with programming all day.  

Excellent Display 

As for the display, it's simply stunning. . The 14-inch PixelSense touchscreen boasts a resolution of 2,400 x 1,600, which is a perfect fit for visualising content. The display is one of the most stunning in its class, offering incredible colour accuracy and brightness, hitting an impressive 105.3% of the sRGB spectrum, with a peak brightness of 504 nits. 

Software and Features  

Another thing we adore about Surface devices is the pure Windows 11 experience they offer. There's no bloatware, making the newly launched operating system a blank canvas for you to configure.  

Best Microsoft Laptops for Programming  

Don't compromise on functionality and processing power when choosing a laptop for your computer science work or coding. Our skilled team has tested and put the best laptops for writing, running, and testing code in style. So, let's dive in!  

Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 

The Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 is a sleek and portable solution for programmers who want an excellent typing experience and a long battery life. Thanks to the Intel Core i5 processor and 16GB RAM, the laptop is suitable for running complicated code or handling large workloads. The Surface Laptop 4 has a stunning build – you can open it with one finger and enjoy uninterrupted productivity on the IPS touchscreen.  

Microsoft Surface 4 

The Microsoft Surface 4 is a perfect choice for those needing ample screen real estate. It's a beast of a business laptop, which means it has all the high -end components needed for programming. The laptop's impressive AMD Ryzen 7 processing chip and AMD Radeon graphics deliver optimal performance and long battery life. In our experience with this laptop, we found it lightweight, thin, and completely silent when running heavy software. 

Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 

Microsoft's Surface Laptop 4 is an excellent choice for those who want a slimline and mobile machine for coding. Design-wise, it's a stunningly well-built laptop; the chassis is durable and long-lasting. The Intel Core i7 processor helps tackle even the most complex programming tasks, and 16GB of RAM will enable multitasking. So, the specs match up to the needs of your job.  


In conclusion, the Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio proves to be a strong contender for programmers and coders looking for a powerful and versatile machine. With its sleek design, excellent keyboard, and innovative hinge design, the laptop offers a unique experience.  

Microsoft designs various laptops to run Programming applications like Visual Studio, Terminal, and Microsoft SQL Server. So, whether you value performance, portability, or screen size, a Microsoft has a laptop to meet your needs. 


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