Is The Isuzu D-Max A Good Choice For A Family Car?

Is The Isuzu D-Max A Good Choice For A Family Car?
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Isuzu's D-Max Melbourne has been around, but that hasn't stopped it from being a strong contender in the pickup truck market. The vehicle has won multiple awards for its design and reliability, and it can tackle most jobs without breaking a sweat. Read on for more about what makes the Isuzu D-Max a great family car:

Design that commands presence

The Isuzu D-Max Melbourne is a tough-looking truck. It has a commanding presence on the road and is not afraid to let you know that. It has a rugged look that commands respect, with its boxy shape and high driving position making it look like the ideal vehicle for off-roading or towing large loads. The body is chunky and muscular, with strong lines giving it an imposing appearance.

Bulletproof reliability

Without talking about its bulletproof reliability, you can't say the Isuzu D-Max is a good family car. The engine and transmission are reliable, and they're mounted on a sturdy chassis. The suspension and steering are solid, providing a comfortable ride over rough terrain. The brakes are strong, too—you can stop quickly if you have to, which may be necessary when you find yourself heading into an unexpected ditch or another obstacle.

Premium interior

The D-Max has a spacious cabin, with plenty of room inside the cabin to accommodate five adults and two child seats. The driver's seat is well-padded and comfortable and offers good support for long journeys. The front passenger seat is equally supportive as it is padded. The rear bench seat can be folded flat to increase boot space while also providing enough legroom for adults to sit on comfortably.

The dashboard of this Isuzu pickup truck means you'll be paying attention to it while driving - not the road ahead or behind you - thanks to its busy design that features too many buttons and knobs (and no touchscreen). 

There are three circular dials in front of your face for temperature control and other basic functions, but none of these dials has any sort of screen display, which makes them look dated compared with rivals' systems aimed at younger drivers who prefer more technology than old school instruments.

 Capable off the beaten path

The D-Max's good ground clearance and approach and departure angles make it suitable for off-roading. It has a large towing capacity of 2000kg, which is more than enough for most trailers you're likely to tow around the farm.

Capable Off The Beaten Path

The Isuzu D-Max is equipped with an electronically lockable rear differential as standard (on higher specification models), so you can engage a four-wheel drive when needed. This means that if there are muddy conditions, or you're heading into rugged terrain with steep slopes, the D-Max will give you all the traction you need to get through safely.

Top-notch safety features

The Isuzu D-Max Melbourne offers some of the best safety features in its category. All models come with seven airbags, six SRS airbags, and ABS brakes. In addition, ESP electronic stability control and traction control are standard on every model as well. If you opt for the SRX trim or higher, you'll get EBD brakes as well.

The top-spec model also gets hill descent control and trailer hitch assist, which makes it even easier to tow heavy loads behind your vehicle.


The Isuzu D-Max is a good family car. It's affordable and reliable, plus it offers plenty of space for your children and their belongings.

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