Is Your Web Designer Ripping You Off?

Nobody likes being cut off - especially if they're in corporate.

Yet most companies are paying hundreds or thousands of money to their web designer for shoddy, second-rate work. Are you?

Luckily, there's a quick and easy approach to find out there.

Go to:, type in the website address plus click on the particular "Check" button.

In case the page a person see says "failed validation" in crimson writing, you may well need to speak to your current web designer instructions especially if right now there are greater than a few of errors.

Can be your web designer 1 of the cowboys?

Unless you individual a cattle ranch, you probably no longer want to use cowboys. Website designer Nashville with substandard work from your contractor or electrician, would likely you? What regarding an accountant that did not understand tax laws, can you want all of them handing your financial situation?

Well, most web designers produce websites that are poor and substandard -- and worst associated with all they will not also know it.

How can I tell if my personal site isn't approximately standard?

Many professions and industries possess standards. With many professions, like medicine or law, a person need a diploma before you even start doing it. Other industries, like food processing or even construction, aren't thus strict about academics qualifications, nonetheless they perform have standards which have to be met - like health and safety or even food hygiene requirements.

There's no academics qualification you need in order to be able to become an online artist. All you need is actually a computer along with access to the internet and the confidence (or in some cases arrogance) to call yourself a web designer.

However, though many people (and most web designers) don't know it - there are really standards for web sites.

In addition - is actually really simple to check your website to see if it's up to be able to standard. All a person need to do is visit some sort of website ( and even you can test your site.

What usually are Web Standards?

Web sites are programmed making use of a computer terminology called HTML. Discover a right approach to program HTML and even there's a misguided way. The proper way to program HTML is named "Web Standards, inches anything else may be the wrong way.

The difference between the perfect and wrong way to program a new website is technical - so when you're a business owner you may need to be familiar with details.

However, you need to do need to understand that if the web designer hasn't used Web Standards it implies:

Your site can do worse found in Search Engines : so you'll acquire less visitors
That will take lengthier to download instructions so you'll drop a lot of visitors an individual do acquire
It could cost a person more to maintain the website
It's more challenging (and more expensive) to make changes to the web page
Upwards to 40% of men and women might not be able to call at your website properly simply because they use different variety of computer or even web browser than your own web designer.
The site is possibly not will be obtainable to people using disabilities - that could mean you could fall foul involving your local handicap discrimination laws and regulations

Of course, you may possibly not have all these kinds of problems if your web designer hasn't utilized Web Standards - but you'll definitely possess some of them.

If my web page fails to confirm does that mean keep in mind that use Internet Standards?

Not necessarily.

The W3C validator ( is surely a valuable tool for examining if your blog uses high-quality HTML. Nevertheless , it's not really a 100% guarantee.

It's possible for any site to are unsuccessful the validation on one or two minimal points. If this sounds the case it's certainly not a problem, although you could ask your current web designer to take care of them.

However, in case your site has lots of hundreds of mistakes it is bad news.

It's also feasible to to your internet site to pass the particular validator and still use out-of-date approaches, however this is much significantly less likely.

Should internet designers use Website Standards?


To set it bluntly, if you do not know web specifications, you're really certainly not entitled to call your "professional" internet designer.

There are several functions when it's suitable to use non Web Standards approaches for good reasons, but it has to be able to be an informed decision.

How many web-site designers program websites the wrong manner?

Unfortunately, most site designers program websites the wrong manner. The sad now that many regarding them don't also know about Word wide web Standards.

There are usually plenty of web site designers that do use Web Standards, but they're in a new minority.

Because there are not any entry barriers to web design, now you may set up because a website design company. That implies there's a good amount of option but it also means there will be plenty of cowboys producing badly-programmed internet sites.

Is Your Web Designer Ripping You Off?
So what do I do if my site hasn't been constructed with Web Standards?

Effectively, you've got some sort of couple of selections.

Firstly, you may contact the web designer that produced your site and enquire them why that they didn't produce your site with Web Requirements.

If your web site much more than one or 2 years old it isn't sensible to expect your web site to have been created with Web Standards, as they weren't a well-known method then.

You will probably find of which your web custom made now uses Web Standards and would certainly be able in order to redesign your site so that this uses them.

These people may be prepared to do this intended for free, being a complimentary, or they could charge you for this kind of.

Can't I only sue them?

I'm not a lawyer and couldn't present legal advice.

However, I suspect of which unless you have a very written contract together with your web designer indicating how the site need to be built making use of Web Standards approaches you would find a legal route challenging.

What are my other choices?

If the current web designer is not able or unwilling in order to change your web site so that it uses Website Standards you could find another web development company who is capable to redesign your site using Internet Standards.

Use Yahoo and google or Yellow Webpages to look for web designers in your neighborhood and then contact them to see when they use internet standards.

If they will say yes, verify some of their sites using

What if I you do not have a website yet?

If you don't have a website but, or are planning the new one, help to make sure you pick a web designer that utilizes Web Standards to be able to create their websites.
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