Jagex Offers Last Chance to Sign up For RuneScape Classic Service

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26 September 2022

Get ready, nostalgia fans, as Jagex has an offer for you (assuming you also like RuneScape, of course). If you've ever heard your clanmates talk wistfully about three-hit combat and other aspects of the old days You can now experience them yourself thanks to RuneScape Classic.

You'll have to act fast to register, however, since Jagex will only allow new players registration on the throw-back servers for a brief time as part of the browser's 10th anniversary celebration. Be sure to log in between September 15th, Thursday and Thursday, September 29th to ensure that you are able to access RuneScape Classic in the future, as this is the final time Jagex will allow new players to use the service. You'll also need to get the exclusive skillcape emote and the classic cape and hood items since they'll no longer be available after the conclusion of this event.

As always, the RuneScape website has full details.

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