JavaScript Weekly digest. April 29, 2022

JavaScript Weekly digest. April 29, 2022
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Four Eras of JavaScript Frameworks — While the pre-2012 history is a bit fuzzy given the author’s experiences, this is a nice retrospective and attempt to break down the history of JavaScript frameworks into four eras, each of which builds upon what came before.

Building a JavaScript Bundler from Scratch — You’ve built a to-do list, you’ve built a static site generator… maybe even a testing framework? Christoph, known for his role in building Jest, Yarn and MooTools, takes us to the next step: building a bundler. There’s a livestream version too. A great way to understand how such tools work under the hood.

Jest 28: JS Testing Gets Lighter, Faster, More Productive — Jest is one of the most popular JS testing frameworks and v28 packs in a lot: sharding tests across multiple machines, a GitHub Actions reporter, improved support for package entry points with exports, and more.



React 18.1 – A bug fix release.
Figma Plugin for Storybook – Now GA.
RxDB 12.0 – Offline-first, reactive database system.
Postgres.js 3.1 – High perf PostgreSQL client library.
Faker.js 6.2.0 – Fake data generator.

Articles & Tutorials

How a Team Reduced Startup Time by 80% with Webpack — Admittedly, this team began from a reasonably inefficient starting point, such as using ts-node in production, but this post contains experiences or findings many teams could empathize with.

TypeScript Tips and Tricks with Matt Pocock — Matt has been developing a strong reputation on Twitter recently for his useful TypeScript tweets and videos, so it’s nice to see him digging deep on the VS Code YouTube channel with Burke Holland. 55-minutes, but if you’re a TypeScript user, you will learn something.

Node 18's 'Prefix-Only' Core Modules Explained — A look at a new type of core module that can’t be imported quite like the others, e.g. import test from 'node:test'.

Code & Tools

Remotion 3.0: 'Write' Videos in React — Remotion lets you use your React skills to create videos by writing what you want to happen in code with Remotion handling the rendering and encoding. This video, built in Remotion, shows off a new AWS Lambda-based serverless rendering mechanism.

Frappe Gantt: An Open Source JavaScript Gantt Chart Control — Gantt charts are commonly used in project management to show the progress and connection between activities spread over a timeline. There’s a live demo on this page, or you can head to the GitHub repo.

htmlparser2 8.0: A 'Fast and Forgiving' HTML and XML Parser — Consumes documents and calls callbacks, but it can generate a DOM as well. There’s a live demo here. Works in both Node and browser.

FortuneSheet: An Excel-Like JS Spreadsheet Control — It’s early days, but this looks promising. There’s a live demo, of course.

React Responsive Pagination: Component for Smart Pagination — A responsive React pagination component which intelligently renders to the available width. You can try it out live here.

Emoji Mart 5.0: A Customizable Emoji Picker for the Web — You can test it out here.

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