jQuery from the throne: joined The survey of Frontend Tools, 2019

Alex Alex 13 November 2019
jQuery from the throne: joined The survey of Frontend Tools, 2019

React is named both the most important as well as the most used JavaScript Tool. is jQuery for the first time since 2015 from the 1. Place replaced, however, still remains the Tool with which a large majority knows best.

The results of the annual survey of developers on Front-End Tooling Survey are available. By Ashley Nolan survey analysed for the year 2019 of 27 questions, which were answered by 3005 developers. 59% of respondents work a minimum of 5 years of front-end development, 13% for over 15 years. The current questionnaire is, as in previous years, in the areas of CSS and JavaScript, divided.

Tools and Frameworks for CSS

on the question to one of the most used CSS Frameworks, the Trend of the vorjahres can be confirmed. With 51,61% 2019 now use even more than half of the CSS expert either no Framework, or a private. Comparison: in 2018, there were 48,33%. Unchanged Bootstrap is the solutions, loses with a view to the year-on-year but, with around 7% significantly in popularity and is only used by 28% of respondents. In the area of the most popular CSS Tools and methodologies could prevail again the autoprefixer. Almost 56,84% reported to use it in projects. Place 2

JavaScript: React as the front-runner, jQuery with strong losses

Much has happened since the last survey in the JavaScript world. Since 2015 jQuery led unchallenged on the table of the most used Tools – now the replacement comes with React. While jQuery decreased by almost 15 percentage points to just 36,81%, was able to React to expand with 52,21% of the tab. Over half of surveyed developers use now React to your projects. Despite the bitter loss, jQuery holds on to 2nd place, just ahead of Lodash (32,81%). Also another Trend is confirmed in the Figures: layers of Angular 2+ and Angular 1 in the last year together, just before Vue.js, of the latter Tool. 27th, 15% of developers indicated to use vue.js in your projects. Added together, the two Angular-versions, there are only 22,07% (compared to 24,01% in the previous year). Reason for this is the falling demand in Angular 1.

And also in another discipline loses jQuery in popularity. In the case of the question of the main Frameworks, and Libraries for projects jQuery lost already at the time of the survey in 2018 12,37%. Now, the JavaScript Library slips further 8,59 of a percentage point to fourth place. At the top of the React (32,78%) is now also in this category. With 21,66% a quarter of the respondents claimed to use neither Frameworks nor Libraries.

Survey JS2

The most important JavaScript Tools for projects. Source: https://ashleynolan.co.uk/blog/frontend-tooling-survey-2019-results

Something in contrast to these Figures, the result is to the question of which Tool, the developers know best. With 75% of space 1: jQuery.

Clear results, there was also the question of which Accessibility can be used as Tools to make projects for people with disabilities more accessible. 63,13% responded, no Tools to use. The most Colour Contrast Checker (22,20%) and screen reader (15,44%) are used. Ashley Nolan, author of the study, sees this as the greatest need of development, and refers in addition to moral aspects, to Gericht urteile against companies that do not ensure accessibility to its products and services.

Results of The survey can be found on the Webseite from Ashley Nolan.

Source: entwickler.de

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