Key Reasons Why To Hire Shopify Developers And How To Get It Right

Key Reasons Why To Hire Shopify Developers And How To Get It Right

Gone are the days when the scope of product/service selling was limited. The new-age eCommerce has revamped the entire business environment. Retailers prefer to showcase their products on an online platform rather than their brick-and-mortar stores for great exposure.   

With the increasing demand for eCommerce stores, sellers are looking for reliable and distinguished platforms that offer a great combination of aesthetics and functionalities. However, hire the best professional developer who can understand your trends and offer great results.   

With the right professional assistance, any business can accelerate its growth parameters, and increase its brand value. Although there are many certified, skilled, and experienced developers providing eCommerce development services, choosing a proficient Shopify developer can get overwhelming at times. It is no secret that the eCommerce industry is the new trend, and Shopify is its new trendsetter.  

If you are also one of those business retailers looking for the best developers who can build an engaging and user-friendly online store with simple integration and rich features, we are here. At OrangeMantra, we have a well-versed team of Shopify developers managing global sites and helping start-ups to accelerate their business growth.   

In this blog, we have curated a list of things to consider while hiring a Shopify developer. So, if you are wondering why to hire expert Shopify developers, stop. And read this blog before missing out on your potential business opportunities.   

Why hire a Shopify developer?  

Shopify is an explicit platform that offers all the eCommerce and point-of-sale functionalities that businesses require to commence, operate, grow, and nurture their online business. Some of the significant features and functionalities of the Shopify support platform that help flourish your eCommerce store include:  

Monitor the responsiveness  

The major benefits of the Shopify platform leveraged by online entrepreneurs are the responsive Shopify themes. In this contemporary world, having a responsive eCommerce store is crucial for a lot of people that are inclined towards the use of mobiles and tablets. When you hire a professional Shopify developer, they will understand these requirements and monitor the responsiveness of the website.   

Visually appealing online stores  

Having an outdated, unappealing, and uninteractive online store will take your business nowhere. Users choose an online store that is visually appealing, highly functional, and user-friendly. Thankfully, at OrangeMantra, our Shopify developers are well-versed in the themes, and skills to create an attractive store. They incorporate professional and beautiful templates to bring more users to your store.   

Also, choosing the right fonts and colors are vital elements, for which our developers choose the best shades and trending themes to bring life to your online eCommerce store. So, if you have an outstanding and stunning online store with functional features, hire Shopify developers from a well-versed Shopify company.  

Search & filter options  

An online store consists of a wide range of products displayed that comes in varied sizes, colors, brands, and categories. Manually typing the desired product can overwhelm the user’s experience. Therefore, our Shopify developers integrate search and filter options to set up all the essential upgrades for each product. It allows the customers to search for the products they’re specifically interested in.   

Social integration  

Shopify developers understand the value of incorporating social media into their websites. It not just improves the interaction with your customers but also boosts your brand visibility, value, and sales. A Shopify developer will employ great alternatives for seamless integration of social media into your online store hassle-freely.   

Provide security and reliability  

Security, authenticity, and reliability are the key elements that keep online stores running efficiently. Hiring a Shopify developer ensures that the confidential and financial information of the customers is secure.  

Amazing loading speed  

Customers hate waiting, and they will not spend additional time on your website if it takes a long to load. Hiring a Shopify developer will help you understand how to hold the customer by integrating a reliable infrastructure. They can amazingly optimize the hardware and software in your online store to offer a lightning-speed webpage loading time.   

Now that you are aware of the amazing benefits of hiring a Shopify developer for your eCommerce business, let us help you find the right one.   

How to hire the best Shopify developer?  

Some of the significant factors to consider while hiring a Shopify developer are as follows:  

Hands-on experience with Shopify projects  

Evaluate and review the work portfolio of Shopify developers to check their previous professional experience and successful deliverables. Also, look out for the client’s feedback on their work, which will help you determine the proficiency of the Shopify developers.  

Robust communication skills  

When you hire a Shopify developer, check for their sufficient technical experience in PHP, API integration, and experience to craft an eCommerce store via Shopify support. They should be well-versed with the Snippets and facilitate Shopify plugin writing.   

The technical professional needs to have great communication skills to help comprehend and deliver the project development requirements according to the business expectations.   

Developer testimonials  

Check for the Shopify developer reviews by evaluating their testimonials and connecting with their past clients who have recommended their services. Try Google search to explore what other professionals have to say about their expertise.  

Agreement policies & costs  

Ensure that the agreement policies signed are transparent and facilitate the cost expectations. The policies must include terms related to timely delivery, service benchmarks, uncompromising quality, and so on.   


More than 1.7 million merchants worldwide have created, scaled, and are currently handling their eCommerce business on Shopify platforms. So, if you are wondering whether or not it can help boost your brand value, it's time to take the right action.   

At OrangeMantra, Our Shopify company aim to offer proficient and professional development experience to our clients with their unique eCommerce design and development requirements.   

Get in touch with our Shopify developers today.   


How much does it cost to hire a Shopify developer?  

The average rate of Shopify developers ranges from $15/hour to $29/hour. Many developers also charge a fixed rate depending on the project. However, this price may vary on their expertise and your website’s features and functionalities. Overall, hiring a Shopify developer may range from $500-$25,000 depending on your customized requirements.   

What does a Shopify developer do?  

A Shopify developer is an engineer who builds expertise in designing eCommerce websites using the Shopify platform. They are mostly experienced in front-end development and have a bird's eye view of pixel-perfect design and UX. Also, they can develop apps and features for eCommerce websites to bring a customized and unique experience to your website’s users.   

What are the technical skills required in a Shopify developer?  

A proficient Shopify developer must have knowledge of Shopify liquid code, PHP, and its advanced concepts. Also, the expertise includes theme integration, customization, HTML/CSS, SCSS, MySQL, AJAX, JS, jQuery, and third-party API integration.   

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