Know The Procedure To Access Login

Know The Procedure To Access Login

You can log in using your WiFi router's default IP address if the official admin page is down. We will talk about the login page in this blog and also you will learn how to access login page. Additionally, you will be able to access the various network modifications via this IP address. Make sure your WiFi router's default gateway address is 192.168 188.1 before continuing because each router has a unique IP address. Log into your network router if it has been given this IP address. login Procedure

The procedures listed below should be followed in order to alter the router's network's various admin settings via login:

Step1: The IP address must first be entered in the address bar of your web browser on the computer that is connected to the same router network. 

Step2: Once that is done, press Enter.

Step3: You will then be directed to the login page, where you must enter your username and password into two text areas. The username and password for first-time users are predetermined by the router manufacturer and are located on a sticker label at the bottom or back of your router.

NOTE: For these credentials, you can also check the router's official website. 

Step4: Enter your login information there and then select "Login" from the menu options that appear.

Step5: You now have access to a variety of settings and menus to customize your network as desired. When finished, press the logout button to save your changes.

Troubleshooting Steps Need To Be Followed To Resolve The Login Issues

There may be a number of seemingly little factors in such circumstances that interfere with the login procedure. The following is a list of some of the most typical login issues and their fixes for

  • Connection problems: If you are having trouble logging in to, there's a good probability that your router or modem's signal is weak and is to reason. The IP address takes longer to load as a result of the broken connection, and eventually, an error message appears on your screen. Check with your local internet service provider to see whether your router is experiencing any network outages in order to avoid such a problem.
  • Wrong Gateway: Typing the IP address incorrectly is another of the most outrageous mistakes that consumers make. When you enter the first few characters of the IP address, the system browser frequently recognizes this IP address and tries to auto-complete the address for you.

You will therefore encounter an error screen saying that your unique login page cannot be loaded when you click on the recommendation links listed below the address since they take you to a completely different gateway. For a successful login, it is advised to input the IP address exactly.

  • Failure of the server: If the server from your internet service provider is having problems, you won't be able to log in to your router network in those circumstances. You should get in touch with your service providers in these situations to remedy the problem as quickly as feasible.

That’s all! With these above-mentioned steps, you can access the login page using the admin panel. In case, you encounter any error, call our experts at  +1(877)778-0205

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