Knowing The Types OF CNC Machines

Knowing The Types OF CNC Machines
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CNC, or Computerized Numerical Control machining, is a computerized manufacturing process that involves pre-programmed software and a code that controls the movement of production equipment. This process is widely used in manufacturing metal accessories with the help of the CNC machine, which is used to produce custom design parts. This technique is employed in controlling a wide range of complex machinery and you can get CNC machining services online which offer these fabrication processes.

3D Printer

This machine is called an additive manufacturing machine in which the elements are printed layer-by-layer. The product's design and drawing are created by the CAD and CAM process, after which the 3D Printer is used to reflect the design. This process is often used for prototyping.

Pick And Place Machine

This type of machine has many nozzles that can lift the electrical components of electronic equipment and place them in their correct location. You can get CNC machining services online that use these machines widely used to manufacture computers, cell phones, tablets, and various other electronic devices.

Router CNC Machine

This is similar to a CNC mill but is mostly used for machining softer materials. It is also less precise than CNC mills and is characterized by its ability to use computer numerical controls. This ability can be used to route spindle and machine tool paths for designing and shaping materials like steel, wood, foam, aluminum, plastic, and composites. The routers normally consist of a mechanical base, stepper motors, a spindle, stepper drivers, controllers, and a power supply. These machines are used as they reduce waste, produce products faster, and also increase accuracy and productivity.

Lathe CNC Machine

This machine is usually used for CNC turning, which requires single-point cutting tools to remove material from the rotating workpiece. The design of the device may vary based on the particular application. Various turning tools are available for finishing, roughing, forming, parting, threading, facing, undercutting, and grooving applications. Lathes are also known as turning machines which are available as engine lathes, turret lathes, and special-purpose lathes.

Drilling CNC Machine

This machine consists of rotating drill bits that are used in producing cylindrical holes in the workplace. These bits are designed to prevent waste material from entering the workplace. The drill bits may be of several types, including spotting drills, screw machine drills, chucking reamers, and peck drills, each of which can be used for specific applications.

Milling CNC Machine

CNC milling tools, such as chamfer mills, helical mills, and end mills, can be either horizontally or vertically oriented. The milling process requires a rotating multi-point cutting tool for shaping the workpiece. The basic CNC-enabled milling machinery may have three-axis movements. However, the more advanced models like universal, hand, omniversal, and plain milling machines may also accommodate additional axes.

5-Axis CNC Machine

A 5-axis CNC machine is obtained by adding two rotational axes to the traditional machine tool's 3-axis (X, Y, Z) linear motions. This enables the machine to access five out of six-part sides in a single operation. If a rotating work holding fixture or tilting is added to the tool, the traditional machine becomes a 3+2, also called an indexed or positional machine. This enables the cutter to approach five out of the six sides of the workpiece at an angle of 90 degrees without the need to reset the workpiece to different sides. This type of 5-axis CNC machine is mostly used to make sculptures.

Plasma Cutting CNC Machine

As the name suggested, this machine uses a plasma torch to cut through the materials. But the main condition for these machines is that the workpiece or material must be electrically conductive. Hence, this technique is usually used for aluminum, steel, copper, brass, and stainless steel. The high-powered torch used in plasma cutting machines, created by passing high-velocity gas through a nozzle, can cut through the toughest materials like steel and titanium. An electric arc is produced when creating the torch, which is formed through the high-velocity gas and transfers to the material being cut. This changes some of the high-velocity gas into the plasma.

Grinding CNC Machine

This precision performance tool employs a rotating wheel to cut metal away from metal. This tool is mostly used for ball bearings, transmission shafts, camshafts, and other working pieces that require an accurate finish. Most of the pieces that are produced using a grinding CNC machine are cylindrical.

Laser Cutting CNC Machine

Laser cutting CNC machines are of several types, which are differentiated based on the state of the active laser medium (solid, liquid, or gas) and what the active laser medium consists of (CO2, Nd: YAG, etc.). These are usually used for cutting non-metals and organic materials and also for engraving metals or other hard materials. However, the two main types of lasers used are solid-state and CO2 lasers. The latter is a gas-state laser that uses a CO2 mixture as the active laser medium.


CNC machines are used for product manufacturing by many service providers. The selection of the CNC machine depends on what process you intend to use and the materials you are working with.

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