La Cumparsita - original arrangement for guitar

La Cumparsita - original arrangement for guitar
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06 November 2022
I collected and studied materials for a new arrangement - La Cumparsita 1916, Uruguayan composer Gerardo Matos Rodriguez. Everyone knows this tango. As always, you will get better sound with less effort while playing.
This time I fitted tango in one page making it without repeats.
I also added some more of my own tricks, simplified the difficult moments on the sheet music - without exception, everyone knows this tango well, so they can intuitively make sense of my notation:
If you want to check out all versions, you may visit
Maybe I will write something new for this arrangement later, but it is already cool.
 La Cumparsita - original arrangement for guitar
"La Cumparsita" is a piece of music written by 22-year-old Gerardo Matos Rodriguez, a Uruguayan musician, in 1916. Kumparsita is one of the most famous and popular tangos of all time.
The name translates as "little parade". The first version was a melody without words. Later Pascual Contursi wrote the words and it became the most popular version of the song. The song begins with the words: "A little parade of endless suffering..."
Matos Rodríguez wrote Kumparsita while a student at the University of Montevideo in 1914 (and according to other sources, for the Carnival of 1916). In the original version, it was a small (and still nameless) march dedicated to the student "cumparsa" - the group in which the author was at that time: hence the name of the tango later emerged. In 1916, in the cafe "La Giralda" in the capital of Uruguay, the famous Argentine pianist Roberto Firpo and his orchestra performed, to whom Matos Rodriguez gave the notes through his friends. It was in this cafe in September 1916 (sometimes the later date is called - April 19, 1917) that the melody that later became famous - "Cumparsita" - was first performed.
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