Laifen Hair Dryer Review – How Is It The Perfect Dyson Supersonic Alternative?

Laifen Hair Dryer Review – How Is It The Perfect Dyson Supersonic Alternative?
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20 November 2022

Laifen Hair Dryer Review

The Dyson Supersonic has made a name for itself as the best high-end hair dryer on the market in recent years. However, most of us can't afford the insane price tag of $429. Luckily there are some cheaper alternatives and the new Laifen Hair Dryer is one of them. Laifen Hair Dryer is an emerging global personal care brand and manages to list this hair dryer for only around $150.

In the box we have the hair dryer and a smooth nozzle. I'm quite impressed with its minimalist design and you only have to plug it into an outlet to use it. The nozzle is magnetically attached to the body so all you have to do is snap it on. When you buy the Laifen Hair Dryer Special it comes with 3 jets including the smooth, styling and diffuser jets.

On the bottom of the Laifen Hair Dryer there is a filter with 0.22mm air inlets; This will prevent hair from entering the motor. The outer filter is also magnetically attached so you can take it out and easily clean the filter.

There are only 2 controls on the back of the dryer including a button to change the temperature setting and a switch to adjust the air speed. Specifically, there are 3 temperature settings: cold, warm, and hot, with the LED ring showing blue, yellow, and red light respectively. In particular, it has a thermal sensor and a microprocessor to measure the air temperature up to 1,000 times per second; This is to ensure that the air does not exceed 176℉ and the scalp temperature stays at around 122℉. This is helpful to avoid scalding and protect hair from extreme heat damage.

The Laifen Hair Dryer features a Vortex-style jet design, similar to the Dyson; A brushless motor is housed in the handle and is capable of spinning at 110,000 rpm for flight speeds of 22 m/s. This is 6 times the air pressure of conventional dryers. The air coming out of the nozzle is very powerful and will help us dry the hair much faster. My wife can completely dry her hair in less than 5 minutes and the real value here is the reduction in extreme heat damage over time.

Another nice benefit is its lightweight design. The air dryer weighs only 0.9 pounds without the cord; This is a very important feature as many hairdressers have to work with their dryer all day long. The lighter weight helps them avoid hand fatigue and injury. Also, thanks to its compact and lightweight design, you can take it with you when you travel; In particular, it has dual voltage (110V-220V), so you can use it in almost any country.

My only complaint is that the power cord isn't really long, especially if you intend to use it in a hair salon. The cord is just over 6 feet long compared to 9 feet on the Dyson Supersonic or 11 feet on other professional hair dryers. However, this is more than enough for personal use when drying your hair in your bathroom. Laifen Hair Dryer plans to release a professional version with an 11-foot cable in the near future.

I've been using the Laifen Hair Dryer for a few weeks and I'm completely satisfied with its performance. It's a lot better than my older dryer and is less than half the price of the Dyson Supersonic. We wholeheartedly recommend this product, especially when it comes with a 2 year warranty.

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