Learn About the 7P's Of Marketing Mix

Learn About the 7P's Of Marketing Mix
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The marketing mix was first defined as 4 ps. Those were Product, Price, Promotion, and place. Later, a fifth p was introduced, People, for the service businesses. Very recently, two more were added: Packaging and Positioning. It is taught to the students as a part of 'Marketing 101' courses. The 7 Ps of Marketing Ps are the basics for planning and strategies. The best Media Relations Agency In Delhi can help you know more about the strategy and management of your marketing.

1. Product 

See if you are marketing the right product for the right audience. See through the eyes of a customer and the market. Check whether the market value of your product is promising or relevant for your desired target audience. If it is not selling, change it. Compare it to your competitors and see if your product is superior or offers something others are not. You can do cryptocurrency product marketing as it has good reviews. You can go for a cryptocurrency pr agency.

2. Price 

Constantly reexamine the prices of your products. See if the market value of your product is appropriate to the realities of the current market. You have to keep changing the prices. Sometimes you have to lower your costs to attract more customers, and sometimes, you'd have to increase the price to generate more profit.

3. Promotion 

Promote your products. Use advertisements and banners to enlighten your customers by telling them about your products. Do the branding of your product interestingly and engagingly. You can use sponsorships or ask influencers to promote your product.

4. Place 

Make sure you are doing business in the right place at the right time. You can also use telemarketing, digital selling, and so more. Pass catalogues or mail do mail orders. You have to choose the best place for your product to sell as it depends on your customers if that is what they want in that place. 

5. Packaging 

If you want to create an excellent first impression, then you have to focus on packaging. Improve the external appearance of your product. Present a visual delight to your customers with the product's arrival.

6. Positioning 

Keep thinking about your improvement. Think about your position in your customer's minds. Welcome feedback and criticism, as that will force you to do better the next time. Focus on your positive attributes. See if your position is your ultimate potential and if not, then work hard and take that position. 

7. People 

The final P of the marketing mix is people. Develop the habit of thinking. Hire and interview people. Distribute the works of people. Attract the right kind of person so that they can stand up when needed in the correct position. The Media Relations Agency in Delhi will help with public relations services.


Planning and execution of the marketing analysis planning can be challenging. It is a time taking process and can test your patience, but if one time you can figure out how to ace marketing strategies and plan, you will have a lifetime of enjoyment from your hard work. The Media Relations Agency in Delhi will guide you through all the strategies and planning you should do. It's your right to know about everything.

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