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Representing elements and compounds is a relatively common task while studying a chemical system. As a result, in chemistry, the names of the elements and compounds are abbreviated. 

Chemical formula refers to an element's or a compound's condensed representation. However, there is another approach to represent compounds: by the straightforward whole-number ratio of the various atom types that make up each compound molecule.

The simplest way to define an empirical formula is as the ratio of the number of atoms needed to make a compound. The molecular formula or the empirical formula can be used to determine the chemical formula of any substance. The number and identity of the atom are represented by both the empirical formula and the molecular formula. The empirical formula calculator will be discussed in detail in this article.

How to Calculate Empirical Formula?

Find the relative masses of the components present before calculating the empirical formula. Use of mass data in grammes or % composition are also options.

We assume that a compound's total percentage is equal to 100 percent and that its percent composition is the same in grammes when calculating percent composition.

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For instance, the compound has a mass of 100 grams overall. We would suppose 68 grams of carbon, 9 grams of hydrogen, and 23 grams of oxygen if a chemical had 68 percent carbon, 9 percent hydrogen, and 23 percent oxygen. An empirical formula calculator makes all of these calculations so easy.

Following are the procedures for figuring out a compound's empirical formula:

Step 1: Calculate each element's mass in grams.

% of an element equals mass in grammes = m

Step 2:Determine the number of moles of each kind of atom that are present.


Step 3: Subtract the total number of moles of each element from the least total number of moles discovered in the last step.


Step 4 : Simply multiplying one by the lowest integer, which only produces whole numbers, will make any number into a whole number. These entire integers serve as the subscripts in the most basic formula.

Whole number Empirical Formula =R

How to Calculate Empirical Formula With Calculator?

The best method for determining an empirical formula from a percent composition is to use the empirical formula calculator. For accurate computations, you only need to adhere to the supplied instructions:

  • Enter the elements' symbols first, then the formula you want to find.
  • You must now enter the mass percentage in the designated fields.
  • press the compute button after that
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