Learn Tantra for Pleasure

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Learn Tantra for Pleasure

Although Tantra has been around for 5000 years, the majority of us could not fully begin to explain the principles. Unless of course it is part of your heritage and you have been brought up to study meditation as a Buddhist or Hindu. What some of us may know however is that the Tantra can be used to deepen relationships and the sensations shared, to “weave” the physical with the spiritual in making love. To be fair what many of us want to know is how this can give you and your escort from this high class escorts agency, an even greater escort experience! As a tool to increase intimacy during a sexual experience, it stands alone and is well worth discovering, to expand the levels of pleasure and the ultimate satisfaction there to be enjoyed. In theory it can be enjoyed alone, but to be honest it is so much more fun for two, as any of the elite Manchester escorts will tell you!

What it aims to do and how

The aim of a tantric sexual encounter is to achieve an elevated connection between you and your partner during a sensual experience. Eager clients of such a talented escort in Manchester can look forward to an intimate experience like no other that they have had before, because this breaks all the boundaries. It changes the rules on just what happens. By slow movements which activate sexual energies, sounds, and even breathing, both of you should reach a level of shared and extended consciousness – but in this case all focussedtowards pleasure. To fully enjoy the experience there are several things which will help you achieve these goals. A conducive place, warm and comfortable, without distractions, is the starting point. Wherever you are, once you have the feeling right, it’s time to settle in and make yourself aware of your surroundings. Some people call this meditation of sorts, but you don’t really need labels. Simply accept that this can make your lovemaking into a life-changing experience. Select Bolton escorts and Blackpool escorts from this top escort agency in the North West have the talents to bring you pleasure in so many ways and the idea that some of them can add this to their repertoire is an exciting concept.

Where it differs from the usual one to one encounter

This is the opposite of the wham, bam, thank you Mam, kind of quickie! This is the long and languorous kind of sensual experience where every touch is considered, felt, and appreciated. Everything counts in the accumulative sensations that add up to a different kind of pleasure. So intense is this escort date that the orgasm is not even always a part of it. But if and when it does result in the usual ending, it is attained by a session between two people “that promotes deeper intimacy by using breath, slower touch, energy, and delayed orgasm". Not every escort has these skills, but this escorts agency Manchester trusts, always tries to answer its clients demands and so specialist escorts in Bolton, and the escorts in Blackpool, as well as the skilled escorts in Manchester, are ready to answer your need to explore alternative ways to achieve the level of gratification that has previously eluded you.

The ultimate of escort services

It is not difficult to see why this is an escort service that is offered by these exceptional agency escorts, as the main tenet of a Tantric encounter is "worshipping" or serving each other. After all, this is exactly what all quality escorts do regardless of the personal service requested. The client is the focus of her attentions, this service simply put takes this to the absolute degree. The perfect equation. When the client and the escort are synchronised in this way and truly sharing the pleasure that each is giving the other, this has the effect of prolonging and building arousal. Some have said that these intimate communications teach both to entirely live in the moment. It ios an incredible experience.

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