Learning how to ride a unicycle

Learning how to ride a unicycle

For driving short distances, there are not only bicycles and scooters. What about unicycles? A unicycle is a compact and maneuverable means of transportation. We tell you in detail what kind of transport it is, what features it has and how to learn to ride a unicycle.

Design and features of a unicycle

Most of the unicycle is hidden in the protective case. There are two footboards on both sides of the vehicle - each easily folds up for ease of transportation.

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Learning how to ride a unicycle

There is a single power button on the front. A port for charging the unicycle is hidden under the protective cover. This model has an additional USB that can be used to charge a smartphone or other mobile gadgets.

Learning how to ride a unicycle

For driving in the dark, a headlight with several intensity modes is provided. Behind the unicycle is a brake light and turn signals.

Learning how to ride a unicycle

There is a movable handle in the upper part. In the fully extended state, the wheel stabilization is activated. In this mode, it is easiest to roll. Push the handle in not all the way - stabilization is disabled. You can drive in the fully retracted position.

Learning how to ride a unicycle

Many models can be paired with a smartphone via Bluetooth. Branded programs allow you to find out various information, give light or sound signals, adjust the stiffness of the pedals, or set a warning about speeding.

What you will need to ride a unicycle

Driving a unicycle is quite difficult. Falling is possible during training, so it is important to protect yourself as much as possible.

The equipment is similar to that used for roller skating. Mandatory: helmet, elbow pads, knee pads. In order not to cut your skin when falling, it is better to use gloves, as well as a motorcycle jacket and tight jeans.

Learning how to ride a unicycle

Don't forget to choose the most comfortable shoes, because your feet will be the main organs of control of the unicycle.

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We learn to ride a unicycle

Movement is mostly controlled by your feet. Press with socks - the wheel moves forward. If you have experience riding a skateboard or snowboard, it will be much easier to master the management of this type of transport. For everyone else, we recommend starting with a few simple exercises. They will help you feel the unicycle and learn the basics of management.

Circle exercise

To begin with, it is necessary to determine the leading leg. It's very easy to do - stand up straight and ask someone to push you a little from the back. Which leg you instinctively put forward is the leading one.

We have the leading leg on the footrest of the unicycle, pressing it to the body. Next, like a compass, we make circular movements around the second leg. So you can better feel the weight of the vehicle and get used to the steps.

Learning how to ride a unicycle

As soon as the muscles get tired, change the leg and repeat the exercise. If you feel that there is not enough strength to control balance, use a belt. Slide it over the kickstand on the other side, thus supporting the unicycle.

Learning how to ride a unicycle

Exercise wide step

The next stage is the transition to movement. We put the leading foot on the step, and take wide steps with the other foot. Almost like pushing off on a scooter, only without the steering wheel. With free hands, you can help the body maintain balance.

Learning how to ride a unicycle

As soon as we are tired, we change the leg and try again.

Exercise of starting the ride

After mastering the basic movements, it's time to try driving. The most difficult thing is to get on a unicycle. You should not do it from a jump, as you can lose your balance. Tilt the vehicle to one side, holding it with your foot. And then - smoothly, but quickly put the second leg, starting the movement.

Learning how to ride a unicycle

Here, as with the first bike ride, practice will be needed. You can use the same belt to maintain balance. If you feel that the unicycle is pulling sideways, pull the belt in the opposite direction to compensate.

Learning how to ride a unicycle

Remember, no matter how well you know the theory, only practice will help you master driving. Do not be afraid to try, and to make falling as safe as possible, always use protective equipment.

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