Licensed vs Certified Lash Tech: Learn the Difference

Licensed vs Certified Lash Tech: Learn the Difference
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Licensed vs Certified Lash Tech: Learn the Difference

Lash extensions have become increasingly popular in recent years, with many individuals seeking the expertise of professionals to enhance their natural lashes. However, amidst this growing demand, there exists confusion regarding the qualifications and credentials of lash technicians. This article aims to provide clarity on the distinction between being licensed and certified in the field of lash artistry.

What is a Licensed Lash Tech?

A licensed lash technician is someone who has obtained official authorization from the relevant governing body to practice lash extensions within a specific jurisdiction. Licensing requirements vary depending on the location, but they typically involve completing a state-approved training program and passing a licensure exam. Licensed lash techs are legally permitted to perform lash extensions and are held to certain standards of competence and professionalism.

What is a Certified Lash Tech?

On the other hand, a certified lash technician has undergone training and assessment by a recognized educational institution or professional association. Certification programs may differ in duration and curriculum, but they generally cover topics such as lash application techniques, safety protocols, and client care. Upon successful completion of the certification process, individuals receive a credential that attests to their competence in lash artistry.

Key Differences between Licensed and Certified Lash Techs

While both licensed and certified lash techs possess the skills necessary to apply lash extensions, there are notable distinctions between the two designations.

Legal Standing

A licensed lash technician has formal approval from the government or regulatory body to practice lash extensions, whereas certification is typical read more


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