Live Indian Railway Status: Things to Know

Live Indian Railway Status: Things to Know

Long gone are the days when we would curiously wait for our train for hours. Indian parents would, especially, reach the station hours before the arrival of their train. They would sit quietly at the station, waiting for the train. While restlessly waiting for our desired train, we would often take a tour of the enquiry counter to interrogate the current location of our train. You don't have to do agonising things at the station because rail apps can rescue you.

These apps allow you to quickly and conveniently know live “Indian Railway Status", make a PNR enquiry and access many helpful railway resources.

RailMitra is a handy online Indian railway enquiry platform. It assists you throughout your train journey from beginning to end. Over the years, RailMitra has emerged as the number-one app for all your railway enquiry needs. What about planning a tour via train this winter to experience the vivid cultures of our Country? If you plan a trip shortly, remember to install RailMitra's app to make your ride fun.

Why should you check the "Train Time Table" on the day of your journey?

You may often hear trains running late owing to delays, elongated halts or whatever reasons. As a traveller, if you persist with the traditional approach of knowing the live train running status, it will cost you heavily. You might find yourself running around the helpdesk and seeking information about your train. Another key point is that a station is always crowded, meaning you have to confront a heavy crowd.

Why opt for such a disturbing and uncomfortable process when you are just one click away from accessing all the necessary information? Yes, you have read it right. With RailMitra being your travel planner, all the information is at your fingertips, and you'll have all your queries resolved in no time. Search by train name or number and your mobile/laptop screen will display the precise location of your train at that moment. What else can you ask for when RailMitra is there for you 24*7?


However, look closely at these convincing points to understand the worth of live train running status.

  • Effective time management - RailMitra's live train running status feature lets you know your train's exact location to help you manage your time. Apart from live train location, you get to know the details of the estimated arrival and departure of the train, expected delays, if any, and probable platform number of the Indian Railway on which the train is likely to arrive.

Consequently, your journey will be easy and uncomplicated when you have such crucial information about your train. I think that's what we Indians crave during our train journey. Secondly and most importantly, when you already know the status of your IRCTC train, you will manage your schedule accordingly. You will always reach the station on time to onboard the train.

  • Plan your trip smoothly - With RailMitra being your ultimate travel guide, your travelling experience will be as beautiful as a rainbow. Plan your journey like a pro and execute it with perfection. Using our official app or website will enable you to analyse whether your train is running on time or is running late. Keep yourself updated and well-informed about any sudden delays or unexpected last-minute changes. After all, prevention is better than cure.

As can be seen, there are innumerable benefits of keeping a close eye on your desired train on the day of the journey. If you are among those who hate standing in the queue, this is the smartest way to equip yourself with relevant information. With the world transforming at a rapid pace, change yourself accordingly.

Why is RailMitra your one-stop destination for all your Indian railway-related queries?

RailMitra's train tracking system is unmatchable. Its practical GPS tracking functionality is second to none. Through the National Train Enquiry System (NTES) platform, it quickly spots your train in real time. All you need to do is enter either the name or the number of the train, which will help you locate the train's exact position.

Yes, you heard that right. With such dynamic features, we are undoubtedly the best in the business. That's why RailMitra has become the epitome of belief and authenticity. Our training tracking system quickly detects the live location of the train, its real arrival time, delay status and many more.

Not only live train status but features like PNR status check, food order in a train, seat availability and many more features are also available. We can indeed boast of providing the best services to our railway passengers.

Important Things to consider before Checking Indian Railway Train Running Status Online

If you have already decided to travel via train, you must have understood the importance of the live Indian railway status to execute a comfortable journey ahead. Before I tell you how to check the live status of a running train, let me tell you about the prerequisites needed to check the running status of a train.

  • Date of your journey - If you're going to travel, you will travel on a specific date and time. Right? That particular date of your trip is crucial to know whether your intended train runs on that particular day or not. For your convenience, the date is always mentioned on the ticket and in the message sent by IRCTC itself. Hence, the date of the journey is crucial to check the live status of a train.
  • Name and Number of train - Each train has a unique five-digit number and a reputation. Take note of the name and number because they are essential to locate your train.
  • Source and destination stations - The term 'destination station' will be noticeable to you. However, you might be scratching your head and wondering what the source station is. Let me tell you. It is the station from where the train journey kickstarts. So, it's equally important to know the names of the initial and final stations.

Train travellers must know these three details to detect where their train is.

How to check the status of a running train using RailMitra?

It's easy to navigate on your mobile device or desktop. Even if you are not a techie, you can easily avail yourself of our app's live train running status feature by following the below-mentioned details.

  1. Either install the mobile app or go to the website.
  2. Go to 'Rail Tools' and navigate to "Train Live Status".
  3. Enter the train number to see the train name displayed on the screen. Click on the train name.
  4. "Yesterday, Today or Tomorrow" appears next. Select the starting date of your journey.
  5. Finally, press the 'Check Live Status' button to spot your train.


In today's era, vlogging is common and sounds quite flamboyant. People are getting more and more inclined towards travelling. They are curious to explore every nook and corner of the world. Consequently, travelling and travellers are growing in number day by day.

So, why don't you become a part of this eventful journey? Organise a train trip in the new year and witness the outstanding beauty of India. Whenever and whichever place you travel to on the Indian Railway, plan your trip by using RailMitra. You'll enjoy the next level of travel experience!

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