Love is doomed

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29 August 2022

Su Yue raised his body and answered his question with his lips. What is there not to understand now? Li Yufeng eagerly kissed her back. He hadn't touched her for two months. God, I don't know how he put up with it. Two people seem to be born as one, how closely they fit, so that each other are immersed in this great sense of pleasure and satisfaction. The long separation made them understand the value of each other, and they tried their best to please each other and let each other get the greatest enjoyment. Yufeng, will you let me be on the top? Under the collision of Li Yufeng, Su Yue could not restrain himself from moaning softly. Sweat oozed from his face. Su Yue stroked his face lovingly with his hand. She let Li Yufeng lie down, sitting on his fiery desire, the feeling of being penetrated so that she could not help but raise her body, Li Yufeng at this moment also issued a sigh of satisfaction, she is simply tailor-made for him. Su Su, you are so beautiful! His hands stroked her beautiful and seductive breasts and could not help rubbing them hard. Su Yue twisted her body restlessly above him, which made him almost crazy, and she leaned down mischievously to nibble two points on his chest. You are such a leprechaun! "Yufeng, who is better, me or her?" After the climax, Su Yue lay exhausted on Li Yufeng. "With a bang,lycopene for skin, Li Yufeng's hand fell heavily on Su Yue." Why did you spank me? Su Yue looked aggrieved. Who told you to talk nonsense? What, her? You're the only woman I have! "Really?" Although Su Yue had a pretty good idea, he could not help but be delighted and moved to hear the answer. Fool, of course it's true. Li Yufeng touched her head lovingly. Su Yue buried his head in his chest and felt his heartbeat. "Yufeng, I'm sorry I didn't prepare a birthday gift for you. I'll make it up for you tomorrow." "You are the gift I want most, Su Su,lutein and zeaxanthin supplements, have you figured it out?" "Well, I don't want to be separated from you." You still mind, don't you? Su Su, let's face it together. Good! Thank you, Yufeng! Experienced wind and rain lovers will always know how to cherish more, Su Yue and Li Yufeng is no exception, two people more sweet and love. Li Yufeng takes care of Su Yue's feelings. He never mentions his family in front of her, but not mentioning it does not mean that it does not exist. Li Yufeng is the only child in his family. How can his family not care about his life? Li Yufeng suggested that two people go to get a marriage certificate first, and the wedding can be discussed in the long run. Su Yue understood his good intentions, but she thought twice or refused, marriage is a matter of two families, she did not have this psychological preparation. Volume III. It's doomed Chapter 25 Kidnapping Danger "Su Yue, turmeric extract powder ,pumpkin seed extract, I'm going to Hong Kong on business on Wednesday. Would you like to go with me?" Li Yufeng came out of the bathroom and wiped his wet hair with a dry towel. I have to go to work, not to go! Su Yue sat in the living room watching TV. I haven't seen a decent holiday in your company all the year round, and I'm planning to travel with you sometime recently. "I've been very busy recently. I just took over Xiao Gao's work and I'm not familiar with many businesses." "Promoted?"? Why haven't I heard you say that? Li Yufeng sat down next to Su Yue with his hand on her shoulder. "Yes!" Su Yue smiled at him, "not only promotion but also salary increase!" "Well, it seems that my wife is really going to be a strong woman. It's so stressful!" "How many days will you stay in Hong Kong this time?" Li Yufeng's father saw that his son was smart and capable, had planned to retire, and had given him everything at work. Talking about business with them, I'm not sure how many days I'll stay. I'll be back as soon as possible. "It doesn't matter. Come back when you've taken care of things." "I'm afraid you miss me." "I don't want to, don't worry!" "No conscience!" "I can't help it, my conscience has been eaten by you!" Su Yue's face was helpless. I'm convinced of you, but I can't beat you! "Just admit defeat, I'm going to take a shower!" When the melodious bell rang, it was Su Yue's cell phone ringing. Su Yue, your cell phone is ringing! Answer it for me, see who is calling, tell him that I am not convenient to answer the phone now, and call him back later. "Su Yue's voice from the bathroom did not sound very clear." Su Yue, it's me, Zhong Jun! Li Yufeng just pressed the answer button and heard the voice from the other side. Zhong Jun, she's in the shower now, and it's not convenient to answer the phone. "Why are you?" The other side's voice sounded a little surprised, but he quickly covered up the past, he symbolically laughed twice, "I should know that you should be reconciled, so good!" Why did you call her? I'll tell him for you. "There's nothing to do. Last time I saw her, I saw that she was in a bad state, so I called to ask." "You can rest assured that she is now under my care and is doing well in every way!" Looks like she figured it out! I should know that she is an open-minded and tolerant person, and it is expected that she will do so. You are a " You know? She told you all that? "Yes, take good care of her!" "That's for sure." The other party was silent for a moment and hung up the phone directly. Yufeng, whose phone is it? Su Yue came out. It's Zhong Jun. "Oh!" Su Yue didn't say much either. Yufeng, did he say what he was looking for me for? After a while, she decided to ask. He asked you how you were doing? Would you like to call him back? Said Li Yufeng handed her the cell phone. Su Yue smiled. "No, I believe he should know." Hearing this, Li Yufeng smiled and hugged her in his arms. Su Su, I'm leaving tomorrow. I can't bear to part with you! Su Yue mischievously put his mouth on his chest and licked him, and Li Yufeng soon couldn't stand it and carried her directly to the bedroom. Two people are about to enter the situation, when the living room Li Yufeng's phone rang, do not want to pay attention to it,ghana seed extract, but the caller seems to be very insistent, Li Yufeng had to curse, get up from the bed to answer the phone.

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