Make Your Time More Congenial by Saying Hi To Solitaire^

Make Your Time More Congenial by Saying Hi To Solitaire^
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If you are an introvert and love to spend time alone, then Solitaire^ is the best game for you. Let’s be honest! There are many of us who do not enjoy being in a group, where we have to make small talk to get through the gathering. Moreover, small talks are pretty boring. So as a treat for such folks, I have an amazing game, Solitaire^, for their precious “me time”.

You must be thinking why Solitaire^? The answer to this question is, it is a single player game. So, no unnecessary conversations or meetings are required. One has to play with a single deck. You need to arrange the cards from Ace to King in order. After the completion of four such suits, you win the game.

Camel Motion Inc. launched Solitaire^ to bring an essence of fun in every hard working person's life. There are many such solitaire games available on the app store. But Solitaire^ has become one the best amongst the others. You can also find different versions of solitaire viz. Klondike, Patience, Spider Solitaire and more.

Make Your Time More Congenial by Saying Hi To Solitaire^

The word Solitaire^ itself says, so-lit-air. In simple words, the atmosphere in the realm of Solitaire^ is very lit. However, this game sounds very easy and cool but it teaches you amazing things during the process. Let’s learn what are the things that you learn:

  • The power of patience:

The process of arranging the cards in the given order is tricky. As all the cards are distributed on the pile of Waste and Stock. The main aim to win the game is to arrange the cards in the 4 Foundations. While playing this game you gain the knowledge of planning and plotting. As in order to win in Solitaire^ you need to make every move by planning it properly.

  • The game promises a good deal of surprises

As you play the game, you use the tableau to make the next move. Now, to make that next move you need to pick the card by clicking on the tableau pile. And no one knows what card appears on each click. So, this makes it a surprise that you get while playing. You have to be wise and put the perfect next step in the game.

  • It is an ancient game and we still love it

Many years ago, Solitaire^ came to our knowledge. It was the time when kings and queens played this game for leisure. Although, now the rules of this game are somewhat different from the original game. Still many people feel relaxed by playing this game.

Now, as initially we talked about introvert pal’s pleasure games. Solitaire^ tops the list for them. This game calms their mind and entertains them at the same time.

  • The game involves great features

Solitaire^ has many interesting features that any person will love. The very addictive feature is the different themes that the game offers. You can play around various aesthetic themes and can customize the cards as you like.

Now, to be honest, this is one of the best things a person could ask for in a game. You know why? Because all we want is to see things the way we want. And by customizing the cards to your liking, makes the game all the more entertaining.

  • Solitaire^ helps you and let’s you take a step back as well

Let’s say, the bridge in our path is broken. And you get a helping hand to move forward on that path feels like a blessing. The same way, this game has a very helpful feature of Hint. This helps you to know the next possible move in the game. If you feel you are stuck and don’t know what move to make next. Captain Hint is there for your rescue.

Moreover, if we are given a magical opportunity to take a step back, it makes it very helpful for life. This doesn’t happen in real life. But Solitaire^ offers such an opportunity to you. This makes it easier for you to play and win the game.


Solitaire^ proves to be your best friend to loosen those stress strings in your mind. With easing up those strains, this game also entertains you with different levels, twists and turns. So, why sit and stress about things. Search Solitaire^ on our App Store and start relishing this aura of lit vibe.


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