Marcos Alonso could cast a lot of shade on Jordi Alba

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Marcos Alonso could cast a lot of shade on Jordi Alba

Marcos Alonso could cast a lot of shade on Jordi Alba

Alejandro Menendez, the coach who made his debut with the Real Madrid winger as a professional when he was still young, attends the sport to assess his signature.
"Marcos arrives at Barcelona with great motivation", confirmed the Asturian coach
When he was still young, Marcos Alonso made his debut for Real Madrid Castilla under the guidance of Alejandro Menendez. The Asturian coach still retains the jersey that the defender gave him in his first game in the "elite" and ensures that he arrives with great motivation and is ready to earn a place in the eleven. He brings us after the first appearance of the Madridista in Nuevo Mirandela.

How are your first memories with Marcos, Alejandro?

I think the boy joined the second round while he was still young. The situation is done very quickly, from the first moment. At the club there was a lot of confidence in him, he had a lot of potential. particularly offensive. This aspect was in fashion now. High, with a lot of foundation, a lot of reach. One end approx. He already possessed those qualities of the modern side.

Then something unexpected happens to him...

He's doing a great second tour. This was the first year of Florentino's second stage. But I don't know why it is moved when the year is over. At the end of the year he had to work, and at that moment, in preparation for the next season, the leadership decided to transfer him. It's strange because he was a player that we understood would arrive safely. He is born from a football family, well educated, focused, with the boldness of a young player and very easy to get along with. He added so many values 鈥嬧媡o access that, oddly enough, they gave him a way out.

What caught your eye when you saw it?

He was already a winger with an offensive career, a lot of vertical, a great left foot, and a lot of self-confidence. Very bold, but has little defensive energy. It was difficult for him to return to the center, to gauge how to defend his line of defense. It was difficult for him to burn up his energy in a 1v1 defense. We technicians did a lot of work on that.

How have you experienced its development all these years?

I've seen Marcus who has grown a lot, gotten stronger and more powerful. Play at a higher speed, you made him evolve. He has gone from a player to a high level, Top. He is the European champion, very few players can say that. I have grown up. I see him very mature, he has been making strides and is now in his splendor.

Was I clear that if he succeeded, he would do so as a winger?

What made Marcus really dangerous was the access from behind, the flooding, the opening up, and the gaining of space. Not to be, but to reach. It was very clear that his stance was the side stance. But in order to play in professional football, he had to improve his defensive face, and he was not going to blow it. If there is any doubt it is whether he can balance this defensive aspect. The only amazing thing is that the club sold him in the first year and with anticipation. It was also passed down to Rodrigo Moreno, of the same generation.

At Chelsea we saw him more as a lane. Can he suffer as a winger in Barcelona 4-3-3?

It covers both situations perfectly. Perhaps the lane frees him up more, he has a more covered back and this helps him exploit his offensive virtues. But he's a boy who can play perfectly in a 4-3-3.

Jordi Alba has been the master and master of left-backs for the past ten years...

I understand that Xavi has not only thought about an internal competition between Marcos and Jordi, they are fighting for this position, but Marcos is a player who can beat Jordi Alba. Alba has to be at a high level so that Marcus can't take her place. He is not only a great player, but on top of that, he will arrive at Barcelona with great motivation. His father played there, and he wants to do well. Arriving in Spain with his people and showing what he has shown these years at Chelsea.

Could massive competition be within Yordi's reach?

If I put myself in Jordi's shoes, the arrival of a player of this level would be a nuisance. Maybe his landing makes him ask for more. Not just Jordi, but any player. When we feel we might be missing something, we show more interest and effort. It will be a good annoyance.

What a team Barcelona brought together, Alejandro.

The truth is, it's incredible. Xavi has a huge project on his hands. Moreover, he has signed hungry players like Lewandowski and Ravenha or Marcos Alonso himself. Let's see if you put them together well.

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